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We’re Revolutionizing Small Business Insurance in Nova Scotia

APOLLO is making insurance effortless for Nova Scotia small businesses. As Canada’s leading online insurance provider, we deliver a people-first buying experience through time-saving technology and a deep understanding of the communities we serve – from Halifax to Sydney.

APOLLO is Canada’s only place to buy insurance fully online, 24/7.

It takes only a few minutes to process and get your proof of insurance.

Payments are easy, monthly, and manageable.

Industry-Specific Insurance for All Types of Nova Scotia Businesses

From a coffee shop in Luneburg to an accounting firm in Wolfville, APOLLO has your Nova Scotia small business covered. Below are a few examples of our fast and affordable options.

Construction worker holding building drawings on site

Builder’s Risk

For protection working on private or commercial property.

Personal Trainer working out by doing lunges with a client

Personal Trainers

Covers you while you coach.

Woman working at her computer


To protect you while you balance your business.

Yoga instructor

Yoga Instructors

For flexible coverage as you teach.


To protect your practice as you build it.

Woman having a facial at the spa

Beauty Services

Takes care of your business as you take care of clients.

A Glance at Small Business in Nova Scotia

For business owners in Nova Scotia, making sure you have the correct insurance policies in place can lower your risk and play a vital part in your success.

Between the great Atlantic food scene, vibrant nightlife, and gorgeous shorelines and lighthouses, Nova Scotia is one of the finest places in Canada to settle down. This, coupled with the fact that small businesses and entrepreneurship is both encouraged and thriving there, makes Nova Scotia a prime location for those looking to start a company.

As with any business, however, making sure you have the correct insurance policy is crucial. Equipped with the right small business insurance, Nova Scotian companies can have the peace of mind that they’re protected from any unforeseen circumstances.

Whether your venture is small or large, APOLLO has you covered with business liability insurance in Nova Scotia.

Get a quote, buy online, and receive your policy document all within minutes.

Small Business Basics

Interpreting insurance

From FAQs to COIs, we have the answers to help keep it clear.

As is standard in Canada, business insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies. These companies create policies that work to understand the unique challenges that each type of business faces. 

Using insurance brokers, agents and representatives, commercial insurance companies then compete to sell their policies to businesses. 

Unlike car insurance, no businesses are legally required to have business insurance in Nova Scotia. However, it is highly recommended, as paying these small fees can protect your business from having to pay unexpected expenses later on that could leave your company bankrupt.

While there are many different types of insurance policies depending on your industry and specific business needs, here are the top three most common kinds of coverage:

  1. Commercial General Liability Insurance
  2. Commercial Property Insurance
  3. Professional Liability Insurance

While the above types of insurance are important for business owners, make sure you only pay for the coverage that you need.

Don’t leave your business in the hands of chance. Start your online application with APOLLO Insurance and get the coverage you need today.

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