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    Property Managers and REITs

    Join forces with APOLLO to streamline your leasing process, improve the protection and peace of mind of your residents, and create a new revenue stream. And what's more, pay less for your insurance with 100% compliance from tenants.


    Why partner with APOLLO?

    We provide policies tailored to your properties, automated enrolment options for your residents, as well as real-time data on how your community is taking advantage of our easy coverage options. Not to mention a new revenue stream from every resident who signs up for coverage with APOLLO.

    We'll help you reach 100% compliance with automated resident enrolment and renewals, which means you could pay less for your building insurance. And what's more, APOLLO is the only insurance provider in Canada that is integrated with Yardi Systems to provide instant insurance transactions, notifications and compliance management.


    Effortless resident experience

    Our insurance experience is the fastest and easiest in Canada and our customers appreciate the difference. We can use your leasing data to pre-approve your residents and even pre-fill their quote information for instant checkout.


    Custom policies & full coverage

    We tailor your insurance offerings to your portfolio and individual property needs. We can even embed our coverage as part of your leasing process to make sure every one of your residents is covered as soon as they sign their lease.


    Real time coverage data

    How many of your customers are covered right now? We'll help you find out and get to 100% compliance with your leasing insurance requirements. Track who is covered across all of your properties, even if they choose another insurance provider.


    Strategically focused on REITs and property managers

    • Provide tailored coverage options and automatically enrol residents at lease signing

    • Reduce your financial risk by achieving 100% liability coverage compliance with your tenants

    • Improve your bottom line with a new revenue stream

    • Monitor your coverage in one place, whether residents choose APOLLO or another provider

    We make it easy to maximize your residents coverage compliance and minimize your insurance risk and costs.


    Deeply integrated with Yardi Systems

    We are the only Insurance provider in Canada that is integrated with Yardi Systems to provide instant insurance transactions and compliance, with real time tracking and alerts.


    Manage compliance across your portfolio

    Reach and maintain 100% compliance with automated tracking built into Yardi Voyager. APOLLO offers 24/7 online purchases as well as the option to upload policies from other insurance companies. This unique advantage gives REITs, property managers and owners 100% compliance with renters insurance lease requirements across every property.


    Optimize risk management with comprehensive reporting

    Optimize risk management with comprehensive compliance reporting and automated monitoring at the property unit level. And no need to worry about lapsed coverage or cancellations because APOLLO policies auto-renew for continuous coverage. We'll notify you of any policy cancellation prior to the end of the lease, and send notices to remind residents to renew their policy even if they are with another insurance company.


    Give residents the option to choose their coverage

    Residents can choose a policy from APOLLO - we pre-fill their information into an easy to understand quote for instant checkout. And they can easily customize their coverage. We offer coverage for contents up to $150,000, including coverage for water damage, customizable deductibles, and the ability to enhance coverage for specific items like bicycles or electronics. Or they can upload a policy from another insurer to meet your coverage requirements.

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