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    Acupuncturist Insurance

    Get a quote and buy acupuncturist insurance online in under five minutes with APOLLO Insurance.

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    Get Insurance in 3 Easy Steps

    Find and select the coverage you need with a quick and easy quote.

    Find and select the coverage you need with a quick and easy quote.

    Choose a convenient payment plan that suits you best.

    Choose a convenient payment plan that suits you best.

    Get your policy documents in your inbox instantly.

    Get your policy documents in your inbox instantly.

    Acupuncturists Offer Vital Health Services to Many People

    As an acupuncture professional, you deal with client issues from back pain to migraines. Although your services are tested and proven to help, a client’s symptoms may worsen after a session and lead to a lawsuit. APOLLO offers customized business insurance for your acupuncture practice. We tailor a plan to fit all your business insurance needs.


    Even if you have 20 years of experience as an acupuncturist, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to mistakes. A perceived error or failure to provide proper services to a client could spell disaster in the form of a lawsuit.


    This means paying for legal defence fees that cost thousands of dollars. Without the proper small business insurance, you may not be financially capable of paying such fees. However, having professional liability insurance means you won’t have to worry about the finances when a lawsuit hits.


    If someone visits your clinic and faces a bodily injury due to a trip or fall, you may again face a lawsuit. The right general liability insurance plan can cover your legal costs and damage awards in such an instance, so you can focus your energy on helping others.


    Insurance for your acupuncture business is a must-have. You get peace of mind knowing that a lawsuit won’t spell disaster for your practice. You additionally can better predict your business’ outlook because an insurance plan minimizes the chances of unexpected costs.


    Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance for acupuncturists (also referred to as errors and omissions insurance) responds to lawsuits by paying for legal fees, settlements and court costs. This covers the costs if you're ever sued for allegations of negligence or for failing to provide a promised service.

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    General Liability Insurance

    Commercial general liability insurance for acupuncturists covers lawsuits that arise from bodily injury and property damage occurring on your premises. This can include instances where you're at a client's home. Liability coverage can also protect you from the costs of libel and slander suits.

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    Contents Insurance

    Contents insurance for acupuncturists protects your practice's physical assets like needles, electronic acupuncture machines, computers, and office furnishings. If theft or disaster leaves your property damaged or stolen, contents insurance can provide a replacement value.


    What Types of Risks Do I Face as an Acupuncturist?

    Acupuncturists have a risky job of sticking needles into sensitive areas of a person’s body. Although this procedure ultimately helps the patient recover from ailments, there are potential mistakes and unintended results. With such a business model, your practice needs Acupuncture malpractice insurance. For example, if you treat the wrong area, or your client suddenly suffers even more severe migraines after a session, you could face a costly lawsuit. Without insurance, your business may need to declare bankruptcy due to the accumulation of legal fees and damage award costs. This isn’t how your business should end. Acupuncture Insurance is also crucial for patients to trust you. Although acupuncture is a widely used form of alternative medicine, many remain skeptical of its uses. If patients know that you’re insured, similar to how any doctor or chiropractor is insured, it may help build trust between you and potential patients.

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    Professional liability insurance covers your acupuncture business if you’re sued for providing inadequate or negligent services, even if you’re not at fault.

    Get a quote and buy acupuncturist insurance online in under five minutes with APOLLO Insurance.

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