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    Health, Beauty & Fitness Insurance

    Professional liability insurance covers your health, beauty, or fitness business if you’re sued for performing professional services, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

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    There are three kinds of insurance health, beauty and fitness professional needs


    Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional Liability insurance — also known as Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O) — is usually triggered when a business or business owner is accused of failing to properly render professional services, or that they were acting negligently.

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    General Liability Insurance

    A Commercial General Liability policy will respond when a business or its owner is sued because someone was injured or somebody’s property was damaged. It doesn’t matter if the claim is true, the policy will cover legal expenses and any award granted.

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    Contents Insurance

    Contents insurance is designed to protect the business’ equipment. That can include computers, stock, equipment and anything else the business and employees use to do their job. It kicks in when any of that equipment is damaged in a flood, fire, or other insured peril, or if it is stolen.

    Health, beauty and fitness professionals offer a valuable service to their clients.

    Whether you’re a fitness/yoga instructor, a massage therapist, barber, or stylist you’re in the rapidly growing health, beauty and fitness industry.

    As a health, beauty and fitness professional, your job is to promote good health and improve the lives of your clients through proper exercise, nutrition, therapy, or care. It’s a very personal connection you have with your clients and they depend on your expertise. Their health and wellbeing is – quite literally – in your hands.

    Businesses in this industry are as diverse as the people running them. Whether you work out of your own facility, at the client’s home or engage your clients with video conferencing, here are some different types of insurance coverage you’ll need to make sure your business and your clients are fully protected.

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    Is insurance different for individual health and fitness professionals and premises, like gyms, studios, or offices?

    There is a higher general liability risk with a premise. If you are operating a gym, for example, and are leasing space, you are liable for all activities that happen on the premises, including any slips and falls, or claims of harassment, which will trigger a General Liability insurance policy to cover. Commercial landlords require tenants to have at minimum a general liability insurance policy to operate in their leased space. Individual health and fitness professionals will also want to get a General Liability insurance policy, but it is included with their Professional Liability insurance package from APOLLO.

    If you are operating as a gym or studio you will also want to ensure that any improvements you make as a tenant are covered by the right insurance policy. That’s why tenants improvements insurance applies only to health and fitness premises, and not to individuals in the health and fitness industry.

    Whether you have a premise, or you are an individual, you will need Professional Liability insurance to defend against claims of professional negligence.

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    Get insurance in three easy steps

    Find and select the coverage you need.

    Find and select the coverage you need.

    Choose the payment plan that suits you best.

    Choose the payment plan that suits you best.

    Get your policy documents in an email instantly

    Get your policy documents in an email instantly

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    What kinds of Health, Beauty, and Fitness professionals can buy insurance online?

    Health, Beauty, and Fitness is a pretty broad category. There are a number of professions who are eligible to buy insurance online:

    • Health Professionals – This includes many different kinds of therapists, healers, those practicing meditation and massage, and more.

    • Yoga Instructors – From Bikram Yoga to Zen Yoga, and everything in between.

    • Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors – Tennis instructors, weight training, CrossFit, and more.

    • Beauty – Barbers and hair stylists.

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