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    Landlord Insurance

    Insurance made effortless for owners of rented condos and townhouses.

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    The Protection You Need for Your Rented Properties

    Even with the best of tenants, it's impossible to plan for unanticipated accidents or natural disasters.

    Also known as Rented Condo and Townhouse Insurance, Landlord Insurance from APOLLO protects your rented property should the unexpected happen. Here are a few examples of how a good policy can protect you.

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    Fire & Smoke

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and where there’s fire, there’s damage. To recover the losses, Landlord Insurance helps look after you from spark to finish.

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    Water Damage

    Despite our best-laid plans, pipes burst, septic pumps fail, and bathtubs overflow. Landlord Insurance gives you the helping hand you need to cover any property damage and restore your tenant’s space.

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    Lost Rental Income

    Should your property become uninhabitable due to fire, mold, or water damage, Landlord Insurance can help cover the payments that you would’ve been receiving from your tenants.

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    Crime & Vandalism

    If you’ve left any valuables locked up in your rental property, Landlord Insurance can protect them from theft or damage, compensating you for the cost to either repurchase or repair your personal property.

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    Personal Liability

    As a landlord, there are countless scenarios that can end up hurting you financially, such as a tenant falling due to a loose handrail and suing you. Protect yourself from potential out-of-pocket costs by making sure you have the right liability insurance in place.


    What Insurance Do Landlords Need For Their Rental Property?

    With so many different types of insurance coverage available, it can be hard to know what to look for. Here’s what you should consider when selecting a policy.

    Coverage Limits

    Coverage limits are the maximum amounts your insurance company will cover due to lost or damaged belongings, personal liability, or additional living expenses.The primary coverage included in APOLLO’s Landlord package offers:

    • Landlord’s Personal Property insurance up to $50K

    • Rental Income up to $50K

    • Personal Liability up to $2M

    The Deductible

    The deductible is the amount you’re required to pay when you make a claim in order to activate the coverage in a policy.

    Scope of Policy

    Using the cost of your coverage limits and deductible, you can determine the approximate price of your policy. In most cases, the higher your coverage limit is, the higher you’ll pay monthly or annually to be insured. A few other factors that can affect the price of your policy include:

    • The location of the your rental property

    • The type of building the rental unit is in

    • Previous insurance history

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    Getting insured is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

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    Tell us (very little) about yourself

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    Pay online easily and securely

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    Get your documents in your inbox - instantly

    Get your documents in your inbox - instantly

    As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll find your proof of insurance and policy documents waiting for you in your inbox.


    Landlord Insurance Made Effortless

    APOLLO is making insurance effortless for landlords by delivering tailored coverage digitally.

    Whether you’re renting out a studio apartment or a multi-level townhome, having a Rented Townhouse and Condo Insurance policy protects one of your most valuable assets — covering unexpected events like severe weather, theft, or liability claims. If you’re renting out your unit, having Landlord Insurance can give you valuable peace of mind by covering costs associated with:

    • Destruction or damage of any personal belongings you have stored in the rental unit

    • Personal liability, including accidents and injury

    • Theft, including stolen packages or bikes

    • Coverage of rental income should the unit become uninhabitable

    Commonly asked questions about Landlord Insurance

    The cost of landlord insurance in Canada depends on a number of factors, such as the type of property you own, where it’s located, and how much coverage you want. However, landlord insurance will generally cost about 20% more than it would cost to insure the same property with homeowner’s insurance. This is because rental properties typically see more claims than owner-occupied homes.

    Definitely! Having a landlord insurance policy can protect you from financial losses from incidents including theft, weather damage, fire, loss of rental income, and unintentional tenant damage.

    While landlords are not legally required to have insurance, nearly all mortgage lenders will require it before issuing a mortgage. Even if you don’t need a mortgage, it’s still a smart idea to keep yourself financially protected.

    Yes, your landlord insurance can cover loss of rental income if something should happen to your property and it becomes unlivable. Having the proper insurance coverage will either compensate you for lost rental income until your tenants can move back in again, or for the maximum amount that your policy covers you for.

    Yes and no. Your landlord insurance will help cover the cost of any unintentional damage, such as an accidental fire. And if the fire causes so much damage that your tenants have to move out while repairs are being done, your policy can help cover that lost income. However, your policy doesn’t include vandalism, which includes any intentional damage caused by your tenant.

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