Edmonton Insurance

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Who Can Get Coverage?

We cover a wide range of small businesses across many industries.

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Accountants offer a valuable professional service to their clients, who place a great deal of trust in them. That’s why insurance is a crucial part of any accountant’s business.

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Health, Beauty & Fitness

Professional liability insurance covers your health, beauty, or fitness business if you’re sued for performing professional services, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

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No two nonprofit organizations are quite the same in the services and vision that they have. That means their risk profiles are also a little bit different.

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Consultants have the difficult task of improving their clients’ businesses. Clients expect a lot from their consultant partners and trust them with bringing success to their business.

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Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade are nonprofits, and as such, face many of the risks that other nonprofits face.

To be a small business owner or entrepreneur takes courage, dedication, and a lot of hard work.

Located in the heart of the western Canadian prairies, Alberta’s capital city is home to 1.3 million people who embody the welcoming spirit that is a hallmark of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Vibrant and Growing, Edmonton is a city that welcomes newcomers and embraces a spirit of collaborative community.

Between now and 2020, the city will see over $5 billion invested in the development of residential towers and retail spaces, office towers, new hotels, educational institutions, arts and culture facilities, and light rail transit.
Edmonton’s six publicly funded post-secondary institutions and numerous private training schools specialize in health, biotechnology, manufacturing, and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In 2015 Edmonton’s population grew 2.4 percent, or 31,665 people, the third-highest growth rate in Canada. Edmonton’s region median age of 36.5 years makes it the second-youngest major centre in Canada. Access to a young, motivated and skilled labour pool within the Greater Edmonton region ensures industry has the skills it needs to be successful.

Whether your Edmonton business is small or large, or if you’re looking for personal or event insurance, Apollo Insurance Solutions has you covered. We will get you the best insurance quote as quickly as possible, so you can get back to your work and your life in Edmonton.

What types of businesses in Edmonton qualify to buy commercial insurance online from APOLLO?

There are over 250 types of small businesses that qualify to buy insurance online, with documents issued immediately.

Some businesses are inherently more risky than others. If your business is a reworks factory that has a paper storage facility attached, it might be a little more complicated. We can help you out, but we’ll have to get some smart people to take a second look to make sure you have the right coverage.