Food Truck Insurance

The food truck industry has become increasingly popular, and like any business that serves food, there are many risks associated with its operations. APOLLO Insurance is guaranteed protection for you and your business.

Regardless of size, your food truck business requires protection.

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, your food truck will provide customers with a wide range of high-quality, tasty foods at their convenience. Working in a fast-paced environment as such means you must always be prepared. However, there’s no guarantee that mistakes won’t occur. Whether you accidentally undercook a customer’s food or fail to meet their expectations, APOLLO knows that you will require a strong insurance policy to remain financially secure. Protect yourself today with one of our customizable insurance plans and ensure your food truck will always equip you for any situation.

The day-to-day risks associated with running a food truck business pose a significant liability to you, your employees, and potentially your customers. To prepare your food, you must work with various sharp tools, heat, and water, all while in a crowded space. Though you may have experience in this industry, there is still a possibility that work-related accidents can happen. No matter the situation or who’s at fault, you and your business will require a general liability insurance policy to cover the cost of any potential medical or legal fees you face.

As the owner of a food truck, it is your job to operate your service in a safe and reliable manner, but to do so, you must also ensure that you possess adequate coverage. By obtaining a food truck insurance plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your business will always be financially secure.

Why do food truck owners need insurance?

Food truck owners provide their customers with an affordable and convenient way to enjoy food. Whether at a carnival or in the heart of downtown during rush hour, people can always depend on food trucks to be there and be prepared to serve. However, in this industry, if the service doesn’t live up to a customer’s expectation or, worse, harms them, it could pose a significant risk to both the owner and their business. That is why having adequate insurance is imperative.

In most places of residence, it is a requirement that owners possess a form of general liability insurance to operate a food truck. Without this policy, it would not only be illegal to conduct business, but it would also make the owner susceptible to lawsuits brought against them concerning third-party injury or property damage. In both scenarios, without general liability insurance, there would be significant financial repercussions. 

The main purpose of owning a food truck is to prepare and serve food to customers, but this job doesn’t come without risk. Imagine if a customer claimed they had gotten food poisoning from what they ate at a food truck, they might then qualify for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, a solid insurance policy is necessary to offset the cost of legal or reimbursement fees.

What types of risks do I face as a food truck owner?

As a food truck owner, you strive to provide your customer with quality food and service at your establishment. Though you may be trained and have experience preparing and serving, that doesn’t guarantee that mistakes won’t occur. If a customer were to allege your food was unsatisfactory or caused them to be sick, then they may feel obligated to seek legal action. Without coverage, a lawsuit of this nature can be costly to defend.

While working in a food truck, there are several hazards to be aware of. From working in a confined space to using heat, you put yourself at risk every day providing your service. Though you may be cautious, there is still no way to prevent accidents from happening. Regardless of who’s at fault in a situation, you will be held liable if anything were to happen at your business location, and without insurance, you will have to pay out of pocket. 

Though a fire, vandalism, or theft are unlikely to occur, that doesn’t mean the possibility of them happening is impossible. Peril events as such can cause significant damage or loss to the property and equipment within your food truck, resulting in additional expenses. To offset these costs, obtaining an adequate insurance policy is necessary to ensure you won’t have to pay for any repair or replacement fee.