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Business Insurance

Barber & Hairdresser Insurance

As a barber or hairdresser, you know that trust is at the foundation of every relationship with a client. They are confident that with your expertise, you will be able to meet their expectations, and in the end, provide them with picture-perfect hair. However, regardless of your experience, mistakes happen. Starting as low as $18.15/month, APOLLO Insurance is here to keep you covered.

Regardless of skill, even licensed barbers and hairdressers can be sued.

Your clients have sought after your services for the purpose of feeling and looking good, and in your profession, you must deliver the results that they want. Yet even though you may be a trained professional who follows direction, that does not guarantee you won’t make a mistake. Whether you accidentally injure a client or fail to meet their expectations, APOLLO knows that you require the support of a strong insurance policy. Financial security is necessary for any business, so protect yourself today with one of our customizable insurance plans.

Since you are a part of the beauty industry, there is an inherent risk that you must take on to provide your service. Every day you are exposed to the use of sharp tools, heat, and chemicals, all of which pose several risks to you, your client and potentially your workplace. Though you would never purposely ruin a client’s hair, there is still the possibility that you miscut, overbleach, or fry it. In these situations, if a client feels you caused harm to them in any way, they have probable cause to sue. Given this, you will have to cover the costs of defending yourself legally. However, if you were to possess a professional liability insurance policy, a brokerage would cover your legal fees.  

The service you provide as a barber or hairdresser is undeniably valuable, but you and your career could suffer immensely without the proper coverage. By obtaining a solid insurance plan, you automatically set yourself up with lasting financial security. So, act now and ensure you won’t have to face monetary consequences later.

Why do barbers and hairdressers need insurance

Today, the services barbers and hairdressers provide have become a necessity. Whether it be a standard haircut or a blown hair transformation, a client’s expectations are high, and they require their hair goals to become a reality. Though it is a barber and hairdresser’s job to make others feel and look good, that doesn’t always mean it will happen. Regardless of skill, there will always be a risk associated with the profession, meaning there will always be a possibility of being held financially liable if an accident were to occur.

If a barber or hairdresser were to own or rent their own salon location, then legally, they would be required to possess both professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. Though this obligation depends on their residence, it is typically needed almost everywhere to be permitted to work legally. Additionally, the salon owner may also purchase these forms of insurance to ensure they will not be financially liable if they or an employee were to cause a mistake or accident to occur.

A part of a barber or hairdresser’s job is providing their clients with professional advice regarding various hair products, techniques, and treatments that they can use. However, if a client felt their recommendations were inaccurate, harmful, or costly to them in any way, then the barber or hairdresser will be vulnerable to a lawsuit. In this case, possessing a form of professional liability insurance would protect them from the legal fees needed to defend themselves against these claims, regardless of their accuracy.

What types of risks do I face as a barber or hairdresser?

Though you may feel you are an expert at the services you provide, there is no way you can guarantee that everything will go according to plan. Dealing with people’s hair, especially if already damaged, can be challenging and sometimes unpredictable. Mistakes in these kinds of situations may be inevitable, and if they were to occur, you would be held liable. Without insurance, you may have to pay financial compensation or potential legal fees if your client escalates the situation to that extent. If either event were to occur, you would want the support of a solid insurance brokerage by your side to ensure you’re financially covered no matter what.

Every barber or hairdresser must follow some form of regional health and safety protocols. Although the rules may vary depending on your place of residence, all workplaces are still equally susceptible to the same hazards. From employees accidentally cutting themselves to a client getting a hair product in their eye, you will be financially responsible for the medical payments in every situation, regardless of the circumstances. That is why you must take the necessary step of purchasing appropriate insurance coverage so that you can be ready for anything.

Though unlikely, there is still a chance that an unexpected event like vandalism or flooding can occur at your business location. The extreme damages and losses that can occur because of these incidents are costly, and if not paid promptly, you could potentially risk losing your business entirely. To prevent this from happening to you, seek out the support of a trusted insurance company, like APOLLO, that is willing to offer you safe, reliable, and affordable coverage.