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APOLLO Insurance is Canada’s leading online provider of insurance, creating effortless solutions for individuals and small businesses alike. Our platform lets you purchase insurance online in minutes and have your new policy sent straight to your inbox. That means no phone calls, no hassle, just the policy you need, as soon as you need it.
And with our new and upgraded tenant insurance product, we’ve simplified the process even further, so you’re one minute away from a free quote and from there we’ll send your policy documents straight to your inbox.

What is tenant insurance?

Tenant insurance goes by many different names, including “renters insurance”, “condo tenant insurance” and “content insurance”. No matter what you want to call it, this kind of coverage provides much-needed protection for your valued possessions.
Tenant insurance is specifically designed to cover the needs of renters — not homeowners or landlords.

If you own your own home and live in it without renting to tenants, you’ll want our Homeowner’s Insurance.
If you own a home and rent out part or all of it, take a look at our Landlord Insurance.

What is covered by tenant insurance?

There are many unplanned situations you may one day find yourself in.

As a tenant, you have unique insurance requirements that are different from the needs of homeowners. That’s why we’ve tailored our tenant insurance coverage for rent-payers like yourself. This policy covers three crucial aspects: Personal Belongings, Additional Cost of Living, and Liability. Let’s break them down.

Contents Insurance

Personal Belongings

This policy helps pay for your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged

Additional Cost of Living

If you can’t live in your home due to a covered incident, this coverage can help you pay for additional living expenses, such as hotels and food

Personal Liability

This coverage protects you against lawsuits if someone gets hurt on your property

How much will tenant insurance cost me?

With so many different types of coverage, here’s what features you should consider before you commit to your Renter’s Insurance policy:

Our basic tenant insurance plans start at just $12/month. All we need to know is your name, email, phone number, and the address of the property you’re looking to insure. Once we have that, you can customize your policy so you’re only paying for the coverage you need.

For more information, read our article about the cost of tenant insurance in Canada.

Get Insurance in 3 Easy Steps

Getting a renter’s insurance policy that works for you is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Get peace of mind with these three easy steps:

Find and select the coverage you need with a quick and easy tenant insurance quote.

Choose a convenient payment plan that suits you best.

Get your policy documents in your inbox instantly.

Why do I need tenant insurance?

While many landlords require their renters to have tenant insurance, there are plenty of other reasons to stay protected.

Scenario 1

If your personal property is accidentally damaged or stolen, tenant insurance can cover the cost of what you lost — even if it’s an Amazon package from your doorstep.

Scenario 2

We know that mistakes can happen, but your landlord might not be so understanding. If you accidentally leave your water running, it can cause serious property damage to your rental unit and belongings. Tenant insurance can help pay for the damages, and even the cost of food and a hotel room if your unit is uninhabitable.

Scenario 3

Say you’re hosting a get-together and someone slips on a spilled drink or trips on an upturned rug. They could hold you liable for bodily injury and even come after you for damages.

How much coverage do I need?

It’s important to make sure you have enough coverage to be able to replace your belongings, and for most people that’s more than the minimum. Since your policy ultimately depends on the type of coverage you need, it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer for how much coverage you should have.
Think of it this way: if your house was turned upside down, you would need enough coverage to replace everything that isn’t bolted down.

APOLLO Insurance has you covered with $10K to $150K in contents insurance, up to $2M in personal liability protection, and the option to get additional enhanced coverage for water damages.

How will my things be valued?

APOLLO Insurance is proud to use the Replacement Cost method when paying out claims, rather than Actual Cost Value. These are two common ways that insurance companies can value your belongings. Read this blog post to learn more about these methods, or read these short definitions with examples:

Replacement Cost: Replacement cost coverage pays you out the dollar amount that it would take to purchase a new, similar item of equal quality.
Example of Replacement Cost: Say you purchased a laptop five years ago that got stolen. With replacement cost, you would get paid out the amount for a new laptop that would adequately perform the same functions.

Actual Cash Value: With an Actual Cash Value coverage calculation, you would receive a lump sum payout that reflects the current market value of your goods before they were damaged. With this method, you would get paid out for what those items could have sold for in today’s market conditions.
Example of Actual Cash Value: If you have a ten-year-old television that gets broken or stolen, the Actually Cash Value method would only pay you out the amount that it was worth before the incident. This takes into account wear and tear as well as depreciation, so you’ll often be responsible for the cost difference if you want a brand new television.

Is tenant insurance mandatory?

While there’s no legal requirement that says all renters need to have a tenant insurance policy, many landlords will require proof of a policy before handing over the keys. It’s also important to note that landlords often require the policy to be continuous as a condition of the lease, so you’ll need a valid insurance policy throughout your tenancy. You don’t want to get caught out in the cold because you cancelled your tenant insurance policy early.
Besides all that, there are other great reasons to have tenant insurance:

  1. Tenant insurance protects you and your loved ones from having to pay out of pocket in the event of unforeseen events such as fire or theft.
  2. Staying covered also helps you build up an insurance history so you won’t have any difficulty getting a homeowner’s policy for if you decide to buy a house.
  3. If someone gets hurt on your property, they can sue you for damages. We know Fido means well, but the mailman may not. Tenant insurance can cover any legal fees and damages you may have to pay.

What happens when I need to use my tenant insurance policy?

Should you ever have to cash in on a claim, APOLLO makes it easy with a simple claims process that can be done online. Just let us know the details of the incident and we’ll get started on doing our part to set things right — keeping you informed at every step of the way. Read more about this simple process here.

Commonly asked questions about Renter's Insurance

Protect the things you love
In typical rental situations, your landlord’s insurance covers the physical structure of a building or dwelling, and you are responsible for anything you bring into the space, including furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and other personal property. That means you need insurance, too. Sometimes Renter’s Insurance is a requirement in landlord-tenant lease agreements, but in any case, it’s a smart, proactive investment to protect the things you love.


For good reason, we don’t often think about what would happen if someone were to be injured in your home; in some circumstances, you may not be protected by the landlord’s insurance. Or what about any damages to the building? If you’re found responsible, you could be sued to recover the repair or rebuilding costs. And that’s again where Renter’s Insurance comes into play, to offer you the financial protection you need.

The common & not-so-common risks
There are some common risks to consider, like theft, fire, loss, and so much more. Since you can’t predict these situations, Renter’s Insurance is an affordable and simple way to protect the investment you’ve made in your personal property—and put your mind at ease. What you may not know is that this coverage is flexible; it applies to your belongings both while they’re in your home and when you’ve temporarily removed them to take with you for a weekend away or on a vacation. Also, if a covered loss were to make your home unlivable and you’re forced to leave, Renter’s Insurance covers the necessary, reasonable living expenses you incur—hotels, Airbnbs, food costs, etc.—until it’s possible to for you to move back into your home or you find a new place to live.


Although the risk is not as common, Renter’s Insurance can also provide you with financial protection if you were to be sued for injuring someone by accident or damaging someone else’s property. In these cases, Renter’s Insurance protects you if you’re named in a lawsuit, or if you’re found to be responsible for any unintentional bodily injury or damage to another’s property.

Your belongings
How much is my stuff worth? Likely more than you think! It’s a question that only you can answer by taking an inventory of your belongings to determine how much it would cost to replace it all. It can add up quickly. The great news is that we make it easy for you to customize your policy based on how much personal property you need covered, meaning you can opt for a lower amount of coverage while still maintaining the other benefits of Renter’s Insurance.

While your landlord will have their own insurance to cover the building itself, this unfortunately won’t cover any of your personal belongings.

The same goes for if you’re renting out a house or a room in a house, such as a basement suite. While the owner may well have home insurance to cover any loss or damage to their personal property, you’ll still want tenant insurance to cover any losses to your own personal belongings.

Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that unexpected circumstances could leave your items damaged beyond repair.

Thankfully, filing a claim is as simple as reaching out to your provider and giving them as much information as you can about the incident to ensure a seamless proceeds payout.
Since different companies have different policies, be sure to check with your provider or go over your policy to know exactly what to do when the worst case scenario happens.

You can cancel your tenant policy anytime, but there may be some costs if you cancel it before the end of the term. We’ll use the short rate cancellation table R7, which is included in your policy documents, to calculate refunds or outstanding balance. However, transaction fees cannot be refunded.

APOLLO accepts monthly payments (although you’ll get a discount with an annual policy). Get a free tenant insurance quote in less than a minute and pay immediately for instantaneous coverage. After that, we’ll charge you a day before your coverage renews.

Unfortunately, our tenant’s insurance product doesn’t cover rented spaces. For that you’ll need our Rented Condo Product.

Your roommates aren’t covered under your tenant insurance policy by default (they can get their own policy). However, the following people are covered:
Any spouses and children
Anyone under the age of 21 that’s in your care

Just like with home insurance, a deductible is required when making a claim on your tenant insurance policy. However, APOLLO allows you to adjust your monthly or annual payments to decrease the amount you’re required to pay.