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As a tenant, having insurance is essential to protect your personal property and belongings, especially in unpredictable circumstances such as unexpected damage, theft, or fire. Here at APOLLO Insurance, we understand that managing your tenant insurance policy can be a hassle, which is why we’ve created an online policy portal, so you have easy access to your policy details and account management. In this blog, we’ll walk you through how to access the portal and explain how you can manage and modify your tenant insurance policy to fit your evolving needs.

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How to Access the Policy Portal

Accessing the tenant insurance policy portal through APOLLO Insurance is an easy and straightforward process. As long as you have an active policy with us, just click here. You’ll be asked to log in using your email address.

Managing Your Tenant Policy

From our policy portal, you can access all your details, including payment information, coverage details, and policy documents. Here’s a breakdown of the many things you can do from our portal:

1. Keep your policy up-to-date by making overdue payments

It’s crucial to make payments on time to avoid lapses in coverage. If you miss a payment deadline, your policy could be cancelled, and you may not have coverage when you need it. We provide multiple payment options, including automatic payments or scheduled payment reminders, to ensure your policy stays up-to-date. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and even Google Pay.

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2. Update your payment information for seamless transactions

If your payment information changes, it’s important to update it with your insurance provider as soon as possible to avoid any missed payments. By keeping your payment information up-to-date, you can ensure hassle-free transactions that can save you time and avoid any penalties or charges.

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3. View your policy details and payment schedule for added convenience

Most insurance providers allow you to access your policy details and payment schedule online. This can be useful for tracking your premiums and keeping track of payment dates for budgeting purposes.

4. Review and update your contact information to ensure it’s up-to-date

If you move, change your phone number, or email address, make sure to update your contact information with your insurance provider. This means you’ll be sure to receive important policy-related updates from your provider, including renewal notices and changes to your policy.

5. Stay informed about upcoming renewals with expiration date information

It’s important to know when your policy is set to expire so that you can ensure timely renewal. We’ll be in contact with you in advance of your renewal date to remind you to renew and provide options for doing so, but you can also track the date yourself or ask your provider to help you.

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6. Keep track of monthly payments with a clear payment schedule

Many insurance policies require monthly payments, which can be tough to keep track of if you’re handling multiple bills or simply have a lot going on. A clear payment schedule that outlines your premium due dates can help manage your budget and make sure that you’re never surprised by an unexpected charge.

7. Request policy documents and a certificate of insurance (COI) to be conveniently resent to your email address

If you lose your policy documents or certificate of insurance, you can request copies from your insurance provider. Most providers will allow you to request these documents through their website or over the phone, and they should be able to resend them to you quickly.

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8. Modify your tenant policy with ease, including updating your address

If you’re renting a property, you’ll want to make sure your tenant policy is up to date when you move. Our policy portal allows you to change your address directly from the platform, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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