In this article, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about cancelling your tenant insurance policy

Having the proper tenant insurance provides a sense of security when renting a home, condo, or apartment. However, what happens if you’ve moved into your first home and no longer require tenant insurance? In this article, we’ll discuss the key aspects of cancelling your insurance policy, including costs and penalties involved.

What Does It Mean to Cancel My Tenant Insurance Policy?

Cancelling a tenant insurance policy means that your coverage will end as soon as your insurer receives notice of cancellation. This means that any fees incurred from previously covered damages or incidents are now up to you to cover. However, it is important to note that any losses experienced before the policy’s cancellation date are still covered.

Why Would Someone Cancel Their Policy?

People often cancel their policy for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Discovered a cheaper option. Many times, people will find that they’re overpaying for their tenant insurance policy and switch providers to a cheaper option.
  • Moving to a different apartment. Sometimes people will cancel their policy when moving to a different apartment and start up a new one. With APOLLO, all you need to know is your new address and you can change your policy directly on our policy portal, with no extra costs or hidden fees.
  • Purchased a house or condo. Purchased your first home? Congratulations! If you move from a tenant insurance policy to a homeowner’s or condo insurance policy, just let us know and we’ll move your account over to the appropriate policy — and we’ll even waive the fees associated with starting a new policy.

What Kind of Refund Do I Get When I Cancel My Policy?

If customers need to cancel their tenant policy before the end of the term, we want to make sure they fully understand any associated fees and penalties.

Before you cancel your tenant insurance policy, it’s important to review your policy as it will include all the rules for refunding premium. Unlike most insurance companies, there are no Minimum Retained Premium penalties at APOLLO, so you only pay for the time you have a policy.

However, fees collected at the time of purchase are not returned as those pay for the transaction and other fixed costs, since these fees are distributed among your first 12 payments, rather than collected with the first payment.

APOLLO uses a common industry practice known as short rate cancellation, meaning the premium charged may not be proportionate to the duration of the policy.

For instance, if you purchased a 12-month policy for $1,000 on March 1 and cancelled on April 1, your policy would have been active for 30 days. According to our short rate cancellation table included in your policy documents under Table R7, we would charge you 19% of the premium, or $190. The funds retained help cover the expenses associated with issuing and servicing a policy that is cancelled mid-term.

To ensure transparency, we provide our customers with this short rate cancellation table in their policy documents, under table R7.

Does My Policy Cover My Belongings During a Move?

Yes, APOLLO covers your belongings not just while you move, but up to 30 days after your move, so long as your policy is active. This means even if you move in with someone else, such as a family member or significant other, we’ll cover your belongings during your move — so you may miss out on coverage if you cancel your policy too soon.

How Do I Cancel My Policy?

To cancel your policy at any time, just head to APOLLO’s Policy Portal, where you can cancel your policy in two simple steps:

  1. Enter the e-mail address associated with your APOLLO insurance policy and we’ll send you a one-time unique log in code.
  2. Use the code to sign in to the Policy Portal and view and edit your coverages, change your address or cancel your policy.

As always, feel free to reach out directly to our team at with any questions or concerns.

Are There Alternatives to Cancelling an Existing Policy?

If you don’t want to cancel an existing tenant insurance policy, there are other options available such as eliminating certain coverages. This can help lower premium costs while still providing necessary protection against risks associated with renting property.

APOLLO offers effortless tenant insurance designed to cover your unique needs. Get a free quote in less than a minute and have your policy documents emailed directly to your inbox.