There’s nothing like leaving the dead of winter for a sunny and warm vacation out of the country. Even if it’s only a week or two, the opportunity to feel the summer sun again can rejuvenate your senses and cure snow fatigue.

But before you leave for Cancun, the Bahamas, or anywhere else, it’s essential to have the right home or renters’ insurance in place. This lets you travel with peace of mind, knowing your home is protected while you’re gone.

This post provides four reasons to have your home or renters’ insurance ready before you set off on your holiday travels!

Protect your valuables from burglaries

The holidays are a perfect time to plan a burglary. Often, families have just purchased new toys and electronics. Further, holiday travels empty homes and create a prime scenario for break-ins.

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There are numerous security measures you can take. For example, ensuring your driveway is shovelled and that lights are automatically turned on at certain times. These can create the illusion that someone’s home.

However, if the burglars persist and break-in, the right insurance can cover the loss of your possessions. Whether it’s a new computer or the television you purchased last season, your home or renters’ insurance can provide the replacement value of stolen items.

Snowstorms can occur at any time

Your holiday vacation should be a time to relax and not fret about what’s going on at home. But news about bad weather at home might create imaginative scenarios of a tree branch falling into your roof or heavy hail shattering your windows.

Home insurance gives you the peace of mind that your insurance can handle the repair costs if bad weather arises. You then won’t have to worry about paying expensive repair bills out of pocket.

Additionally, both home and renters’ insurance covers any of your home’s contents that may be damaged or destroyed in a winter storm. If a tree branch not only falls and crushes your roof, but also your computer and office furniture, the contents protection in your home and renters’ insurance can cover repairs or replacements.

Icy walkways can lead to legal liability

Even if you’re not around, there may be package delivery people or other third parties coming to your doorstep. If you’re not there to salt icy walkways or clear snow, it could create hazards for these people. A slip or fall that leads to bodily injury or property damage on your property might mean a lawsuit against you.

Home and renters’ insurance both cover personal liability. This means if someone injures themselves on your property and they sue, your insurer foots the legal fees and damage awards.

Fires and floods can happen when you’re away

Imagine rushing to the airport to make your flight. You might forget to turn off a stove or turn the heat high enough to prevent pipes from freezing. Forgetting these tasks may lead to a fire or flood in your home, which further leads to an expensive repair bill and the possibility of personal liability if the incident damages neighbouring properties.

Again, home and renters’ insurance can cover the cost of repairing your own home and the cost of legal disputes between you and your neighbours. Without the right insurance plan, it might mean thousands or even millions in repair costs and damage awards.

The holidays are a great time to fire up your travel plans. Relax with peace of mind by making sure your home and renters’ insurance is intact before you take off!

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