Wondering what the best handyman apps in Canada are? We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the three top rated.

Your handyman business may have started rather simply and grown naturally. Someone may have known that you were great with tools and asked if you could help them with some odd jobs, such as hanging shelves or fixing a leaking faucet.

They may have been so pleased with your work that they told a couple of friends or neighbours about you, who told their friends, and soon you were the go-to local handyman.

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As a handyman, you do it all. That means everything from home repair to home maintenance, furniture assembly, and home improvement projects.

At the end of the day, you’re in the business of providing people with peace of mind and a job well done.

However, as business begins to boom, it can become difficult to manage expenses, quote prices, and schedule appointments. That’s when using handyman apps may benefit your growing venture.

In this article, we’ll be looking at questions like:

  • What is a handyman app?
  • How do on-demand handyman apps work?
  • What are the best handyman apps?
  • Do I need insurance for my handyman services business?

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What is a handyman app?

Handyman apps, also known as handy apps, are mobile applications that connect individual handymen with customers who are seeking out repair or home services in their local area.

These service apps often work on both iOS and android phones, and many can be accessed from a mobile device, tablet, and the web. They are usually used in both the United States and Canada.

How do on-demand handyman apps work?

There are numerous on-demand handyman service apps available on the market. However, the basic workflow of each one is often quite similar.

This is the common process by which most handyman apps connect customers to handymen:

  • Step 1: The customer logs into the app by providing the necessary information and is prompted by the app to disclose their exact location for the job that they need completed.
  • Step 2: The customer then selects the type of service needed, as well as the date and time that they’d like service for.
  • Step 3: The app displays accurate fares or charges that should be expected before booking the service. This allows handymen to set the price for their work.
  • Step 4: If the customer is satisfied with the pricing, they can proceed by completing the booking process.
  • Step 5: The handyman professional will then show up at their location to complete the job at the specified time.

It’s important to note that some apps may vary in their booking process. However, the above is common for many of the service apps that are on the market.

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What are the best handyman apps?

A good handyman app can save time for both the professional service provider and the customer.

You may be wondering, what are the top-rated handyman apps? Let’s find out!

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an American on-demand handyman app that connects people with talented “taskers” to handle anything from handiwork to errands.

Signing up takes just a few minutes and then you’ll be able to search for jobs, choose your rate, and build a schedule that works for you.

Not only do handymen have the highest “earning potential” of any taskers on the app, but they are also able to receive tips on top of a base hourly rate.

But if TaskRabbit is an American company, can Canadians use it? The answer is yes!

While TaskRabbit was initially only available in Toronto, it can now be used in many other major cities in Canada, such as Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

2. Quickbooks

While Quickbooks is most often used as a financial management app, it also makes an ideal handyman app, especially with its helpful billing feature that makes it easy to invoice your clients once it’s time to get paid.

This means Quickbooks allows you to track jobs and expenses, accept payments, pay employees, create professional invoices, and even scan receipts — a helpful feature come tax season.

And since Quickbooks can be accessed from your phone, tablet and laptop, it’s an easy way to run your handyman business on the go.

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3. Handy (Pro)

Handy (Pro) has also been referred to as “Uber for a handyman.” Registering for this app will help you find more jobs, as Handy (Pro) acts more like an agent than an employer.

After you sign up and complete screening to ensure that you’re experienced, licensed, bonded and insured, you will be directed to job opportunities. Though you will still work for yourself.

With Handy, you can make up to $65 per hour as a lawn care pro or $45 per hour as a handyman. Payment is deposited directly into your account upon completion of a job, though Handy takes a percentage of the fee in exchange for directing you to work.

A few other examples of popular handyman apps and job sites include:

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Do I need insurance for my handyman services business?

If you’re looking to start a handyman services business, then you’ll need insurance. Every company needs insurance to protect them from any unforeseen difficulties that can result in potentially crippling fees, and a handyman business is no different.

There are four kinds of insurance that a handyman should look into:

  • General Liability Insurance
    • This policy protects your business from potential liabilities that can result within places such as your construction site or office. Moreover, it can protect you in instances or libel or slander claims.
  • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Professional liability insurance, also known as errors or insurance for contractors, can pay for legal fees and settlement awards if you’re sued for allegations of negligence or for a failure to deliver your promised services.
  • Contents Insurance
    • Handymen own and work with a lot of different tools and are often transporting their equipment from one job to another. Content insurance protects the material things your business owns.
    • This may include, but is not limited to, saws, drills, and even office furnishings. If your property is damaged or stolen, this insurance policy can provide an amount of money to purchase a similar replacement.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance
    • As contractors and handymen well know, unexpected events can occur anywhere and there are inherent and sometimes uncontrollable risks associated with every project you take on.
    • Whether it’s issues of weather or criminal action, a builder’s risk insurance policy can protect you from the cost of severe damages or misplaced items associated with such events.

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