Builder's Risk (Course of Construction) Insurance

Whether you’re renovating a client’s home or building a commercial property, unexpected events can occur anywhere. Possessing a builder’s risk (course of construction) insurance policy is imperative to ensure you’re financially covered.

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Unexpected Events Can Cause Severe Damage That Require Coverage

There are many benefits to hiring your construction services, especially if a client wants the job done right. Your clients have sought out your expertise and skill, but regardless of your experience, there is no guarantee everything will turn out as planned. APOLLO understands that the potential of any unforeseen event could be detrimental to your career, and no matter its impact. We are here to offer you customizable protection in the form of builder’s risk (course of construction) insurance.


There are inherent and sometimes uncontrollable risks associated with every project you take on. A construction site is especially susceptible to threats that could easily jeopardize its completion. Though you may abide by health and safety protocols, there is no way of predicting factors such as the weather or the possibility of criminal intent. By possessing a builder’s risk insurance policy, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of the severe damages or misplaced items associated with such events, as we would cover it for you.


Ultimately, a builder’s risk (course of construction) insurance policy provides you and your company with security. It is a method that aims to preserve your financial wellbeing for the foreseeable future and a guarantee that you will not be held financially liable if an unexpected event were to occur.

Commonly Asked Questions About Builder’s Risk (Course of Construction) Insurance

As a contractor, your clients have entrusted you with their property and expect that you will be able to meet the agreed-upon terms of your drafted contract. By signing an agreement, you automatically become liable for any unforeseen issues that may arise during the design or building period. Without appropriate insurance, this poses a financial risk to both you and your company.
To legally work, most places of residency typically require contractors to possess builder’s risk insurance. Though mandatory, it’s still crucial that contractors obtain a solid insurance policy that would permit them to work and provide them with adequate protection against financial loss due to damages caused by covered perils.
A contractor may be responsible for any property damage or loss caused to a client’s property, regardless of who or what perpetrated the liable act. Depending on the extent of financial loss, this situation can be rather costly and potentially detrimental to a contractor’s career. In this instance, possessing appropriate insurance is vital for a contractor’s business to remain financially protected and secure.

Although the details of a construction project are outlined within an agreement, this doesn’t guarantee that an unexpected event won’t occur throughout the process. In the event of a peril, if its impact ever damages your construction materials, then you will be held financially responsible for any repairs or replacements. However, without builder’s risk insurance, these additional expenses will be costly and potentially detrimental to you and your business’ future.
Every place of residency enforces some form of health and safety protocols that builders are required to follow. However, this doesn’t ensure that accidents within your construction site won’t occur. When working in this industry, there is an increased risk of hazards resulting in consequences like property damage. So, whether a building suffers a fire due to faulty wiring or water damage from a flood, you will always be held financially liable and forced to pay the sum of damages.
If not properly secured, your construction site may also be susceptible to theft and vandalism. You will be held responsible for losses that occur in these kinds of situations, and crimes as such could potentially impact the completion of your project and could set you back financially. In the end, this would undoubtedly affect your ability to make a profit.

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