Insurance policies can be confusing when it comes to signing up for a new kind of policy – especially as a renter. While you may know the in and outs of a standard renters insurance policy and the perils you can face, you may be asking yourself does it also replace items damaged in your car?

In this article, we’ll discuss the special relationship between renters insurance coverage and your vehicle and what damages to your personal belongings within your car are covered

Does renters insurance cover my car?

If you rent your home, you’ll want to invest in renters insurance, and if you own a car, you need a separate auto insurance policy. But if you’re a renter and you also own a car, you’ll need both. Your renter’s policy covers several different perils when it comes to your home insurance. A standard policy includes coverage from perils such as natural disasters, any additional living expenses, general liability, personal liability coverage, water damage, credit card theft and forgery, removal of debris, and personal property coverage.

In short, renters insurance provides protection in case your personal belongings are destroyed or stolen. However, your auto insurance policy and renters insurance coverage have a special relationship that protects you against damage and theft.

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When it comes to renters insurance the coverage actually follows your belongings wherever that may be, whether it’s at your home, in your car, or elsewhere. That means if your laptop, headphones, or wallet are stolen out of your car then your renters insurance and not your car insurance will cover these losses. This can be confusing but it boils down to your auto insurance doesn’t cover your personal effects. Instead, it protects you from physical damage to your vehicle and theft of the car itself.

It’s also important to note that your insurance policy has a category and maximum limits to the damage they’ll cover. Coverage limits will vary by policy and your renters insurance company. Additionally, personal property coverage outside of your home is subject to a limit of its own.

This means you may only be eligible for a couple of hundred dollars in reimbursement of items damaged, or stolen from outside of your home, when the actual value is in the thousands. The solution to avoiding this kind of situation is to speak with your insurance providers and potentially increase your coverage limits to ensure it covers all potential damages.

When doesn’t renter’s insurance cover theft or damage to my car?

Renters insurance won’t cover physical damages to your car from natural disasters or other similar perils. Vehicles are excluded from being considered personal property in standard tenant insurance policies, and only your personal property inside the car is covered by your renters insurance.

Renters insurance also doesn’t cover vandalism to your vehicle because it isn’t considered personal property under standard insurance policies. For example, if someone were to key your car or it was spray painted, the costs of fixing these damages would come from your comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy.

If you need to file an insurance claim or file a collision damage waiver to cover the costs of damage to your car or the theft of your vehicle, you’ll need to do so with your auto insurance provider. Additionally, it’s important to note that if you need a rental vehicle while your car is being fixed this will also need to be done through your car insurance provider.

When you claim with either your tenant insurance policy or your auto insurance, you will face a deductible. This is a set amount of money you’ll need to pay to make your claim and can range from as little as $250 to several thousand dollars. This deductible cost depends on what you choose when selecting a policy.

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The Takeaway

Renters insurance is a great tool to mitigate the risks of losing your most important personal assets. Whether you face a home break-in or car break-in, a renters insurance policy provides you with the peace of mind that you won’t have to replace your possessions out-of-pocket.

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