Mobile Pet Groomer Insurance

Mobile pet groomers provide a convenient service that comes right to the front door of a client’s home, but this line of work isn’t risk-free. APOLLO Insurance is here to ensure you can operate your business with peace of mind.

Mobile pet groomers provide convenient services, but that doesn’t mean they’re risk-free.

From fur trimming to nail cutting, regardless of your business service, you must obtain insurance. Similarly to working directly with people, you must also be aware of the inherent risks when dealing with pets one on one. Every animal is different, and because of this, there will always be risk exposure, but as the business owner, the consequences will fall on you. Whether you’re facing a lawsuit, or you injure yourself on the job, you’ll always be the person held liable, regardless of who’s at fault. That’s why we at APOLLO understand you’ll need adequate protection that will provide you coverage in any situation.

Your clients have sought after your services to care for their companions, and you are expected to deliver the results they want. Yet even though you’re a trained professional in what you do, that does not guarantee you won’t make a mistake. Whether you accidentally nick an animal while cutting it or don’t live up to a client’s expectations, APOLLO knows that you require the support of a strong insurance policy. Financial security is necessary for any business, so protect yourself today with one of our customizable insurance plans.

As a mobile pet groomer, it is your job to operate your service safely and reliably, but to do so, you must also ensure that you possess adequate coverage. By obtaining a mobile pet groomer insurance plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your business will always be financially secure.

Why do mobile pet groomers need insurance?

Today, the services mobile pet groomers provide have become a necessity for pet owners. Given this, their clients have great expectations, as they require their companion to be well cared for. Unfortunately, although it’s the business’ job to assist animals, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll always be successful. That’s why regardless of skill, there will always be risk associated with this line of work, meaning there will always be a possibility of being held financially liable if an accident were to occur.

Since a mobile pet groomer must own or rent a portable space, then legally, they would be required to possess both professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. Though this obligation depends on one’s residence, it is typically needed almost everywhere to be permitted to operate a mobile business legally. Additionally, the owner may also purchase these forms of insurance to ensure they will not be financially liable if a mistake or accident were to occur.

As a mobile pet grooming business, it may be part of their service to provide their clients with professional advice regarding various cleaning products, techniques, or treatments that they can use. However, if a client felt their recommendations were inaccurate, harmful, or costly to them or their pet in any way, then the business owner may be vulnerable to a lawsuit. In this case, possessing a form of professional liability insurance would protect them from the legal fees needed to defend themselves against these claims, regardless of their accuracy.

What types of risks do I face as a mobile pet groomer?

Though you may feel you are an expert at the services you provide, there is no way you can guarantee that everything will go according to plan. Dealing with people’s pets, especially if untrained, can be challenging and sometimes unpredictable. Mistakes in these kinds of situations may be inevitable, and if they were to occur, you would be held liable. Without insurance, you may have to pay financial compensation or potential legal fees if your client chooses to escalate the situation to that extent.

Since your mobile pet grooming business requires an owned or leased portable space, there are inherent risks that you, your employees, and your clients must be aware of. From constantly being on the go to working in a confined space, accidents are bound to happen, and you may be held liable regardless of circumstance. To avoid incurring any additional legal or medical expenses, your business must obtain a general liability policy to absorb these costs.

Though a fire, vandalism, or theft are unlikely to occur, that doesn’t mean the possibility of them happening is impossible. Peril events as such can cause significant damage or loss to the property and equipment within your mobile space, resulting in additional expenses. To offset these costs, obtaining an adequate insurance policy is necessary to ensure you won’t have to pay for any repair or replacement fee.