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Professional liability insurance protects your freelance writing business. If you’re sued while providing services, professional liability insurance can pay for legal fees and cost awards, even if you did nothing wrong. Get a quote and buy online in less than five minutes.

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Writers are entrusted with a company's communication

As a freelance writer, businesses and publications entrust you to be the voice of their organization. It’s your responsibility to develop copy and articles that engage and inform audiences and encourage them to take specific actions. However, there are opportunities for things to go wrong during the writing process. APOLLO Insurance understands that unfortunate circumstances occur. We can help you feel secure in your business by providing customized insurance plans that offer peace of mind and security.


Writing doesn’t involve sensitive information, dangerous chemicals, or sharp saws and drills. But there remain inherent risks to freelance writers when you provide your services. Suppose you need to prepare landing page copies for the launch of a new product. If you fail to meet your client’s deadline, it may force them to delay their product launch. You could then be on the hook for any financial losses resulting from this delay. Professional liability insurance means you don’t have to worry about the costs of a potential lawsuit in such a situation.


Your career as a freelance writer might not seem like the riskiest job in the world, but there are still opportunities for a lawsuit to land on your desk. The right insurance policies help you remain financially secure through hard times and mitigates your profession’s risks.

Commonly Asked Questions About Freelance Writer Insurance

Freelance writers collaborate with sophisticated businesses that expect a high standard of work. If you don’t meet this standard, clients may fire you or expect financial compensation for any losses they suffered due to your services. Without the proper insurance, paying such monetary compensation can cause financial hardship to your practice.
Additionally, clients commonly expect freelance writers to sign indemnity clauses. Such a clause specifies that the writer must pay for legal fees and potential cost awards if the writer’s work leads to a lawsuit. An indemnity clause ultimately widens your opportunity to be found liable for legal fees and cost awards. If you’re caught in this scenario, a professional liability policy can reduce your stress by paying for such legal fees and any damages that result.
Having insurance increases the professionalism of your business. It tells clients that you’ve considered your business’ risks and have taken steps to mitigate them. Thus, the right insurance policies make a great marketing asset because it proves to clients that writing is more than a hobby.

Although you’re an expert in your career, there’s always the chance that something goes wrong. You may think you’ll never miss a deadline. But what happens when you have a sudden migraine that leaves you unable to work? What if you’re overwhelmed with deliverables and accidentally let one client’s needs slip? If the client had a tight deadline, they could accuse you of negligence and sue for financial compensation. Without insurance, you may need to pay for an expensive settlement and legal fees yourself.

Freelance writers take inspiration for their work from a variety of sources. But what if your inspiration results in a copyright infringement lawsuit? The original author doesn’t need to prove you copied them for you to face high legal costs—all they need to do is make an allegation. Again, insurance coverage is here for these types of situations.

Your writing may revolve around people. If they take offence to what you’ve written about them, they could hit you with a slander or libel lawsuit. These lawsuits can require specialized legal help that’s even more expensive than regular lawyers. In such an instance, general liability insurance is critical to ensure you don’t pay for hefty legal fees and a potential damage award out of your own pocket.

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