Private Tutor Insurance

Parents and students entrust you to explain complex concepts to them or their children. They trust that your help can get them a high mark on their next exam or assignment. However, tutoring is not without its risks. APOLLO Insurance is here to keep you covered.

Regardless of experience, private tutors may face lawsuits

Your clients may need help with school or a particular exam. In an ideal world, your expertise will help them understand challenging concepts and breeze through the curriculum. But sometimes, you may make mistakes as a private tutor. If you fail to meet your client’s expectations, APOLLO Insurance can support you financially by covering the cost of legal fees and damage awards. This lets your tutoring business remain economically secure, so you can focus on your students.

Tutoring may not seem inherently risky. But accidentally teaching a wrong method or outdated material can lead to poor results for your students. If your students fail their course or exam, it could mean an expensive reexamination process, and they may try to pass these costs on to you through a lawsuit. Given this, you need to protect yourself legally. Professional liability insurance would cover any legal fees or damage award costs if a client sues you for negligent services. 

Your tutoring services are valuable to many individuals. Without these services, some students may remain confused about core testable concepts. However, if you don’t hold the proper insurance, you’re at risk of facing financial hardship. The right insurance can take this risk off your shoulders. 

Why do private tutors need insurance?

Expectations for private tutors are higher than ever before. There are pressures from parents and students to deliver their ideal results. When parents or students don’t get the result they want, you, as the private tutor, may become a target to blame—regardless of whether you were negligent or not. This blame can ultimately lead to financial liabilities. 

If you tutor from your home or office, there’s always a possibility that students will injure themselves or their property. If a student slips on your driveway due to an icy lane, you could be legally and financially liable for their injuries. 

Clients may be preparing for expensive exams such as the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Failing these tests could mean additional fees and significant opportunity costs. Purchasing insurance means you won’t be financially liable if you made a mistake and contributed to your student’s failure.

What Types of Risks do I face as a Private Tutor?

You can never ensure that every student will pass. Even if you taught to the best of your abilities, students that relied on you and still didn’t achieve their desired outcome might blame you. Even the accusation of negligence can mean thousands in legal costs. Without insurance, these legal fees would need to come out of your pocket.

Materials and curriculum also update every year, and it can be challenging to keep up with changes, especially if you teach multiple subjects. If you teach students material that’s no longer on their exam or course and leave out material, a negligence claim could land on your desk. The proper insurance can handle the financial consequences of such a situation, so you don’t have to worry about every mistake you make. 

If students are young and active, they may want to run around or play with sharp objects. This can easily result in injuries to your students at a time when they’re under your care. If injuries are severe, the child’s parents could sue you, and you could face severe legal costs. It’s essential to purchase insurance from a trusted company like APOLLO to prevent such a situation.