Counsellor Insurance

As a counsellor, it’s your job to provide guidance, but without insurance, you could face severe consequences if your advice ever hurt a client. APOLLO Insurance is here to ensure you can operate your practice with peace of mind.

Though trained professionals, the services counsellors provide come with inherent risks.

As a counsellor, you provide a vital service to your clients, but you require insurance to cover your business against various professional risks. Helping people through a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties can be challenging, and the consequences of providing ill-advised solutions may lead to lawsuits. That is why we at APOLLO offer a customized small business insurance package tailored to fit your counsellor business insurance needs.

 No matter how much experience you may have as a counsellor, there is still a possibility that you can face an expensive lawsuit. Mistakes happen, and in the event a client is unsatisfied with the services you provide, they may feel obligated to sue. Whether the suit is justified or not, most small businesses would not be able to withstand a lawsuit financially. A professional liability insurance policy is designed to absorb those costs so that your counselling practice does not have to.

That’s why insurance for counsellors is a wise business decision. Not only do you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will not be financially liable in the event of a lawsuit, but you are also securing the future of your professional career.

Why do counsellors need insurance?

Counsellors have access to confidential information, and it plays an essential role in advising their clients in overcoming personal or psychological burdens they may face. However, giving any kind of professional advice brings on risks that will require insurance.

To legally work, most places of residence typically require specific types of counsellors to possess a form of professional liability insurance. Though mandatory, it’s still crucial that they obtain a solid insurance policy that would permit them to work and provide them with adequate protection if a client ever were to claim their services were unsatisfactory, negligent, or falsified in any way. Depending on the client, counsellors may also be asked to show proof of this to confirm they’re a legitimate practice. 

Counsellors can also be sued if one of their clients alleges their services caused intentional or negligent harm. Regardless of the claim’s factuality, it would be very costly for a counsellor to defend this type of lawsuit, especially if their practise isn’t well established. To ensure this type of risk isn’t detrimental, a proper insurance policy is vital for the planning and operation of any business.

What types of risks do I face as a counsellor?

As a counsellor, you are offering therapeutic services, advice, and potential solutions to your clients. Though unlikely, allegations of malpractice can occur in the work you perform, which may lead to a lawsuit. A primary aspect of your job is maintaining client confidentiality with the information your clients provide you with. However, if you broke confidentiality in some way, then the lawsuit will be costly to defend.

If your counselling practice has an office or leased premises, then you and your clients are exposed to additional risks during their sessions. Whether a client slips, trips, or falls or loses their personal belongings on the premises, you may be liable regardless of fault. To avoid incurring any additional legal or medical expenses, your business must obtain a general liability policy to absorb these costs.

Though it’s very unlikely for a fire or flood to occur, if it does, then your practice could face severe consequences. Peril, or unexpected, events tend to cause significant damage or losses to a business. Without coverage, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any kind of replacements or repairs needed for your practice to operate again.