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Customized insurance for personal trainers and fitness instructors at affordable monthly rates with APOLLO Insurance.

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The Coverage You Need for the Job You Love

APOLLO is making Personal Fitness Insurance effortless, so you can focus on what’s important — your services.

APOLLO’s Personal Fitness Insurance protects you and your business against the unexpected. If you’re sued by a client, this policy can shield you financially, covering the fees associated with your defence. It can also offer peace of mind for circumstances beyond your control, such as theft, client injury, or equipment damages.

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The Three Kinds of Insurance Every Health and Fitness Professional Needs

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance will pay for any damages the court awards to the plaintiff but also many costs associated with your defence (lost wages, legal fees, expert testimony, etc.). These extra costs are paid for on top of your limit of insurance. Many clubs or studios won’t even let you see clients in their facilities without proof of professional liability insurance in place.

General Liability Insurance

Clients come in and out of your gym or fitness facility on a regular basis. There might be water on the floor or dangerous weights and other equipment lying around. There’s no shortage of things that have the potential to cause injury or property damage to visitors. Make sure you have a Commercial General Liability policy in place to protect yourself against lawsuits from visitors who are injured on your premises.

Contents Insurance

Outside of the contents typical of a business like furniture and computers, people in the health and fitness industry make significant investments in cutting edge exercise equipment and diagnostic tools. These tools are used to help you better serve your clients and bring new treatments to help them achieve their goals.

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Customized insurance for personal trainers and fitness instructors at affordable monthly rates with APOLLO Insurance.