Great companies are dependent on great employees. It is every employer’s dream to have committed, skilled workers to keep the company running at optimum levels. But this doesn’t happen by accident — it takes careful evaluation to select the best candidates. A lackluster job description and a few vague interview questions won’t cut it!

Here are some tips to increase the odds of landing that perfect employee.


Even the most rigorous hiring process is doomed to fail unless you have a qualified pool to pick from. In the job listing, be clear on the required skills, education, and experience. Figure out where you want to list this job, even using open house days to give people a feel for the environment.

Referrals from current employees can help bring in talent of a similar calibre as well. Use social media to your advantage; roughly 90% of companies use LinkedIn to recruit, so join the club, but also branch out to other forms such as facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Recruiting passive candidates (those not actively seeking new roles) can be rewarding, especially for senior roles. However, it may also require extra effort and dedication to coax them out of their current role.

Making eye contact is good, but this is a little intense.

Make the hiring tests relevant to job

The interview process is the true litmus test when it comes to hiring capable employees. Don’t ask magic bullet questions, but instead focus on questions that highlight the candidate’s skills, attitude, and potential to grow.

If relevant, include practical tests that require candidates to show how they problem solve and adapt, since how they present themselves in an interview may differ, whenever possible, bring in more people to help with the interview. Different people can pick up on a variety of things, and this can be valuable when it comes down to choosing the right person.

It also gives you a chance to see how the interviewee interacts with others, so don’t be afraid to be more social and interact with them on a personal level.

Compatibility with company culture

Hiring a good fit for the company involves more than just evaluating skill and qualifications. Every company has its own unique culture, so it is important that new hires are able to work with and contribute to that environment.

Is your office dog friendly? Make that clear. Do you have remote work capabilities? Ensure you hire an independent worker who doesn’t need constant supervision. Match your employees to the environment for optimal chances of success.

Measure success of current hiring process

One of the best ways to evaluate how well your hiring process is working is to look at how the process has been for candidates hired the same way in the past.

Checking in with both the employees and their managers can help give a feel for how well the interviews gauged how the employee would fit into their new work environment. Also consider asking the employee how the interview process was for them and what could be done to improve expectations and integration into their role.

If you’re consistently finding that new hires are problematic and not meeting expectations, go back to the drawing board and look at how the interview could be better tailored to finding the right person.

From recruitment to making that final offer, hiring that perfect candidate takes a lot of work and honing on what you want. It may take time and effort, but when you land that superstar employee, they’re worth their weight in gold.

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