Vacant Property Insurance

General liability insurance covers you and your business from lawsuits that result if someone is injured on your property, even if it’s vacant. Get a quote and buy your policy online in under five minutes.

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Vacant properties still need proper protection

If your property is without a tenant, you still need the proper insurance to protect it from risks. A vacant property still faces perils such as bad weather, fires, floods, and vandalism. Some of these risks are even more common when a store or office is vacant. Fortunately, APOLLO offers customized insurance plans for properties of all kinds. Let us provide you with a tailored solution that meets your insurance needs.

You may think insurance is not required when your building has no tenants. But, there are many inherent risks to a vacant property. If individuals visiting your facility for any reason injures themselves, you may face a lawsuit filled with expensive legal fees and damage award costs. The right insurance plan is prepared to pay these costs on your behalf.

As a property owner, insurance is a no-brainer. Owning a retail or office space is an expensive asset. You want to do your best to protect it from perils. The right insurance ultimately means a disaster won’t leave you in a financial fallout.

Commonly Asked Questions About Vacant Property Insurance

A lawsuit against you can arise, even if your property is vacant. In such a situation, you could face significant legal fees and possible damage award costs. The correct general liability policy protects you from a lawsuit’s financial fallout. 
Furthermore, insurance for vacant properties provides peace of mind. Without someone opening and closing the store daily, it makes your property a prime target for vandalism. In such a case, you may need to repair broken glass or remove graffiti. These repairs are expensive, and paying for them out of pocket is not always manageable. 

Owning any building requires the proper insurance, regardless of what state it’s in. Properties are expensive, and you want to do your best to protect them from disasters. Otherwise, you risk losing a significant amount of your investment. Insurance ultimately mitigates the risk of unforeseen circumstances ruining one of your most significant assets.

Just because your property is vacant doesn’t mean no one’s around. You may have prospective tenants looking at the building or maintenance people checking in. If any of these parties slip or trip on the premises, they may look to you for compensation of bodily injuries or property damage. For example, your premises might have an awkward bump in the floor. Anyone who trips over this could sue you for bodily injuries. This could result in a lawsuit that forces you to fork over cash for legal fees and a damage award. The right general liability insurance policy can cover these lawsuit-related costs. 
A vacant property is not immune to perils such as fires or floods. Neighbouring buildings can face these circumstances from their daily operations and damage your property, as well. Although you could sue your neighbour, they may not be insured, and such litigation could take years before you see compensation. There would also be high legal costs to such a venture and a possibility of the defendant declaring bankruptcy, meaning your legal claim would be worthless. That’s why purchasing your own insurance is so crucial.

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