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Property managers can insure and keep track of tenants with APOLLO, while tenants enjoy affordable rates from Canada's top insurance companies.

How APOLLO Works With Property Managers

Together, we can ensure that your buildings are entirely covered with APOLLO. Real-time reporting tools alert you to which residents are insured and which aren't.

Register your building for our renter’s insurance program through the easy-to-fill form below.

Buildings partnered with APOLLO can receive quotes and make policy purchases 24/7. Tenants can receive their policy in minutes, not weeks.

Our dedicated account management team works with you to prepare a suite of educational material and email copy, flyers, and micro-sites with a co-branded experience.

Why Your Residents Need Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance provides numerous benefits to your building residents. But it also mitigates your risks as a property manager.

Suppose your tenant Sean got something stuck in his in-suite laundry machine. The accident causes his unit to flood and results in water damage to his apartment and the apartment below. The washer is broken, and his walls and floors need significant repair.
Your responsibilities as the property manager are to fix Sean’s unit and ensure it’s habitable. You might contemplate claiming your commercial building insurance or paying repair costs out-of-pocket. Claiming your insurance means paying a deductible and likely facing higher premiums later. However, this isn’t a light repair bill and will cost a significant amount.
If Sean has the proper liability coverage, he can instead claim his own policy to pay for repair costs. This means you won’t have to claim your commercial building policy or pay out-of-pocket for new flooring, saving your business time and money.

You’re anxious to repair the water damage before other issues like mould erupt. However, contractors can’t replace the flooring and laundry unit until Sean moves out.
Luckily Sean’s renter’s insurance policy covers additional living expenses. This coverage pays for Sean to stay at a hotel or Airbnb while contractors repair his unit. He’s able to move out immediately so repairs can happen as quickly as possible.
Additional living expense coverage can also pay for movers to clear the unit, so Sean won’t have to spend a whole afternoon figuring out how to move his three-piece sectional sofa out the 14th floor.
Further, without tenant insurance, evicting Sean to repair the unit might mean you, as the landlord, are responsible for paying for a suitable living accommodation until his unit is habitable again. This is true in provinces like Ontario.

The flood also damaged many of Sean’s belongings. But his contents coverage means he won’t have to fret about the replacement costs of his next-generation gaming console or other personal property damage.
As the landlord, Sean’s tenant insurance covers the cost of moving out the damaged furniture he leaves behind. Instead of disposing of his wet and gross area rug yourself, contents coverage pays movers to do it — all without your business paying out-of-pocket costs or claiming its own insurance.

Why Partner With APOLLO

Easy and Fast Coverage

Suppose your new tenant Brieanna is trying to sign her lease as soon as possible. She’s new to the city and starting a new job here next week. However, you require all tenants to have insurance and won’t allow Brieanna to sign the lease and move in until she shows you proof of her renter’s insurance policy.

Traditional insurers would require Brieanna to come into their office, work out fine details, and maybe come in for a second visit. Brieanna might even have to take a personal day off work to make the trip.

But with APOLLO, Brieanna can purchase her policy online in under five minutes. This removes a stressor to signing the lease so that Brieanna can worry about the first day at her new job instead.

As a result, you don’t have to delay Brieanna’s move-in date and arrangements because everything is accounted for, including her tenant insurance.

Real-Time Reporting on Insurance Status

Brieanna has settled in, but maybe she doesn’t see the value of tenant insurance. To her, it’s an unnecessary fee. Besides, she already signed the lease, showed you proof of policy, and thinks you would never know if she just cancelled it after the first month.

If Brieanna cancels her policy, she doesn’t understand the significant protections she loses and that it can increase your risks and liabilities as the landlord. At the same time, you manage dozens or hundreds of tenants and checking their insurance coverage every month isn’t feasible.

APOLLO solves this issue for property managers. We empower you with real-time updates on your resident’s insurance statuses, so you understand that everyone’s compliant with their insurance obligations.

Partner With APOLLO

With APOLLO, both tenants and property managers are saving money by having proper insurance coverage for their units.