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Tenant Insurance just for Porte Communities residents

Porte Communities has partnered with APOLLO to provide exclusive tenant insurance offers just for Porte Communities residents.

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Why has Porte Communities partnered with APOLLO?

Porte Communities and APOLLO have created an offer just for Porte Communities residents. APOLLO’s Tenant Insurance policy offers all of the protection that is required by your lease agreement, at a great price. And it couldn’t be easier! APOLLO’s effortless experience means you can be covered in seconds with a minimum of hassle. And you’ll get your insurance documents in your inbox instantly.

What’s covered by Tenant Insurance?

As a tenant, you have unique insurance requirements that are different from the needs of homeowners. That’s why we’ve tailored our Tenant Insurance coverage for renters like yourself - and you can customize it even more to suit your individual needs. This policy covers three crucial areas: Contents, Additional Living Expenses, and Personal Liability.

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Simply put, Contents Insurance covers your personal belongings - the contents of your home. This helps pay for any loss or damage to your personal property, including if anything is stolen or damaged.

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Additional Living Expenses

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you couldn’t live in your apartment due to an emergency? This coverage can help you pay for hotels and food if you are forced out of your home after a covered event.

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Personal Liability

Accidents happen. And they can be costly. Personal Liability coverage protects you if you are held responsible for property damage or personal injury to others, at home or anywhere else.

How much will Tenant Insurance cost me?


Our Tenant Insurance starts at just $11/month. You can customize your policy just how you like it so you’re only paying for the coverage you need. 

The cost of the policy depends on a few things, such as the address to be insured, the coverage limits and options you select. We offer the following coverage options:

  • Contents coverage options ranging from $10,000 to $150,000

  • Additional living expenses coverage of up to $30,000

  • Personal liability coverage of up to $2 million

  • Deductible options ranging from $500 to $2,500

  • Water damage and full replacement value extensions

Get covered in less than a minute.

What address would you like to insure?

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Getting insured is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Tell us (very little) about yourself

Tell us (very little) about yourself

Just tell us your address, your name, email and phone number. And that's it. We'll give you a price in less than a minute.

Pay online easily and securely

Pay online easily and securely

You can choose to pay monthly or save money by paying for the entire year in one easy payment.

Get your documents in your inbox - instantly

Get your documents in your inbox - instantly

As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll find your proof of insurance and policy documents waiting for you in your inbox.

Why choose APOLLO for tenant insurance?

The simplest way to buy insurance

The simplest way to buy insurance

Our platform is designed to be the fastest and simplest way to buy tenant insurance. We make it easier than anyone else to get covered.

The best value for money

The best value for money

We provide the best value for your money, with more standard coverages built into one low price. Pay less for more coverage.

 Easy online tools

Easy online tools

Our Customer Portal makes it easy to manage your policy online, any time. You don't even need to register! Customer Portal Sign In

Great insurance advisors

Great insurance advisors

If you need to speak to a person, you can contact one of our insurance advisors easily by phone, email or chat. We're here to help!

Fair, independent claims management

Fair, independent claims management

We work closely with independent, third party adjusters to ensure claims are handled fairly, ethically and transparently.

Top financial ratings

Top financial ratings

Our financial ratings really are top notch. We were rated A by AM BEST, A+ by Standard & Poor's, and AA- by Fitch.

What our customers say about us

Customer service is a huge part of the APOLLO story. Insurance is a relationship based on trust and we earn our clients’ trust by providing the best products backed by world class service and support.

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4.6 rating

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What if I need to make a claim?

If something happens and you need to use your Tenant Insurance, APOLLO makes it easy with a simple claims process that can be done online. Just let us know the details of the incident and we'll get started on doing our part to set things right — keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Our simple online claims process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are familiar with home insurance. Less familiar is Tenant Insurance (also known as renters insurance), which protects you if you're renting a residence. Renters Insurance is a requirement for many landlord-tenant lease agreements, but even if it's not, it's a good idea to have. It can end up saving you from covering the cost of replacing your valuable items in the event of a fire, theft, or flood.

Tenant Insurance can also help pay for the extra costs of having to live somewhere else if your residence becomes uninhabitable due to an insured loss. This can include the cost of lodging, such as temporary rent at a separate location, hotels, or Airbnbs, and can also help with other costs like restaurant meals and storage fees.

Although landlords likely have insurance of their own, your landlord's insurance typically only covers the building. This leaves your contents of your unit unprotected. Further, if you were found liable for damages to the building, your landlord's insurance company may come after you for the costs. Renters Insurance can aid you in both of these situations. Further, it can cover certain expenses that arise from an emergency. Read more about the benefits of Renters Insurance here.

Yes, renter’s insurance covers fire. This is the case regardless of how the blaze was started, unless the fire was intentionally set by you.

Fire is one of the most common covered perils included in renter’s insurance. Also referred to as named perils, other examples are windstorms and hail, theft, and vandalism.

Find out more instances by reading out article Does Renters Insurance Cover Fire?

A COI is a statement of coverage that we provide to you. It’s a summary that verifies that your business is, in fact, insured. You may receive a request from a potential client for a COI as a condition of doing business with you. It’s simply proof that your business can cover the cost of a liability claim.

For more information, read our article Insurance 101: What Is a Certificate of Insurance?

Liability insurance protects you if you are held responsible for causing property damage or bodily injuries to others while at home or away anywhere in the world. For example: If you hit a baseball out of a park onto the street, and it hits a child, or breaks a window. Or one of your guests slips and falls and has to take time off work due to injuries. Or, while on vacation, a bonfire gets out of control and damages someone’s property. Personal Liability would cover you in all these and similar events. To learn more, read our article The Importance of Personal Liability Insurance.

Also called contents Insurance, this protects the property you own that you could pack in a bag or put in a moving truck. Things like your clothing, electronics, furniture, etc. are covered while they’re on your property or in transit during a move. APOLLO offers personal property limits from $25,000 to $250,000. You should choose an amount that will be sufficient to replace all of your belongings with the new items. If your residence is ever burglarized or there is a fire, this policy will help replace the lost or damaged items with the new ones. Over the years we tend to accumulate a lot of little and big things. Majority of our clients in a two-bedroom condo choose the $50,000 coverage limit.

To learn more about this coverage, read our article What Kind of Insurance Protects the Things You Own?

This coverage protects against increased living expenses you may incur because your rented unit can’t be lived in. This could be a result of damage to your home from an insured loss or an order to evacuate your home as a result of a sudden, accidental event. For example, it can help cover expenses like a hotel room, storage costs, meals, laundry, transportation, and more if you can’t live in your condo while repairs are being made after an insured loss.

To learn more, read our article Why Additional Living Expenses Coverage is Essential.

How to Calculate How Much Contents Coverage You Need
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