Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is a large and expensive event. To prevent further costs, you need protection from last-minute cancellations and lawsuits. The right insurance can help with that. Get a quote from us today and buy wedding insurance online in under five minutes.

Weddings are complex and carry hidden risks

Between your cake, venue, dress and tux, your wedding costs a pretty penny. You evidently want to make this day special, so you spared no expense. But unfortunate circumstances like a sudden family illness could mean you need to reschedule. If the patisserie already made your cake and the venues are already under your name, rescheduling could mean thousands in additional costs. APOLLO Insurance can cover such costs in case you need to cancel your wedding due to an emergency. Our customized insurance solutions guarantee one less thing to worry about on your special day. 

Risk management is part of planning your wedding. Even with a planner’s help, you can’t eliminate every issue that can go wrong. Someone could trip during the ceremony and require a hospital visit, or your grandma’s necklace may go missing. These scenarios can either create a lawsuit or additional expenses. However, if you have the proper wedding insurance, you won’t have to worry about the financial consequences of either scenario. 

Hopefully, you won’t have to claim your insurance. But having it ready means peace of mind for the weeks leading up to the wedding and the day of. You’re stressed enough by all the details, so let APOLLO handle some of the burdens.

Why do weddings need insurance

Weddings are a stressful event, even though they’re supposed to celebrate a happy time in your life. The last thing you need is for your wedding to turn into an unplanned financial fiasco. The right insurance policies prevent the need to pay additional amounts if the wedding needs to be postponed, if you’re sued, or if something gets lost or damaged. 

The peace of mind that insurance provides lets you enjoy your wedding day, instead of stressing over everything that can go wrong. This way, you can focus your attention on the color of the centrepiece and your wedding vows, instead of how much money you may lose if something forces you to change your wedding date. 

Some venues and vendors may additionally require you to have insurance ready. These requirements mean that the venue or vendor can tap your insurance for compensation if someone at your wedding damages their property or injures their staff. This is especially important when there’s alcohol present.

What risks can you expect at your wedding?

Even if you double-check your lists and expect nothing to go wrong, there are some things out of your control. If you or your partner gets a severe illness the day before, you may have to cancel or postpone the wedding. Suddenly, you’ve lost the money you’ve put down on the venue, catering, and decorations. Cancellation insurance provides compensation for losses due to cancelling or postponing your wedding. 

As the wedding hosts, you’re responsible for all your guests. If a guest drinks a bit too much at the open bar and starts a fight with the live band, you could be legally liable for any injuries. Regardless of whose fault it was, facing legal fees and potentially paying a settlement or damage award can be a nightmare. However, general liability insurance can take care of these legal costs for you.

There are many expensive items at a wedding, from your rings to the dress and more. If one of these items goes missing or gets destroyed, it can be an enormous extra cost that you can’t afford. Content insurance covers the property related to your big day and replaces any items that get destroyed or go missing.