Boat Insurance

All your boat insurance needs under one helmet.

What is boat insurance and why is it important?

Whether you go fishing on your yacht or you’re cruising around the lake on your speedboat, you need to keep yourself covered with Boat Insurance. While there’s no legal requirement to get boat insurance, it’s wise to get coverage. There are a wide range of scenarios that could cause damage to your boat, or even for you to cause damage to another boat.

Boat Insurance protects you from the worst-case scenario.

What to look out for in a Boat Insurance policy

Although Boat Insurance covers many situations, there are a few things to look out for before you commit to a policy:

Determining the cost or coverage of the three factors above can determine the price of your policy. For example, a larger coverage limit commonly leads to a higher monthly cost for your insurance policy. Other factors that could affect the cost of your policy include:

  • Your level of experience as a boater
  • Your age
  • Where your boat is moored
  • Your insurance history

Boat Insurance may seem like another cost you don’t want to pay for when mooring fees, maintenance fees, and other costs are on the horizon. But having Boat Insurance protects you from the worst-case scenario. In reality, the best case is that you’ll never have to use the policy. But if your boat is ever damaged or stolen or you’re facing a lawsuit or additional expenses due to an act of god, Boat Insurance may save you from an enormous financial burden.