CEOs look to their marketing department to find ways to grow and outsmart their competitors. These marketing departments look to Peter Rodriguez to make sure that they do it right.

Rodriguez didn’t start Brand Igniter to just be another consulting firm. In fact, he doesn’t consider his year-old company a consulting firm at all. Brand Igniter uses Rodriguez’s methodologies to help companies grow in times when growth is a dream on the back burner.

“I’m not telling companies anything new [when I say that] growth requires focus, time, people, and resources.” Rodriguez said. “Senior leaders don’t have the capacity for this but Brand Igniter supports them and helps them do it.”

Through his trademarked products such as BrandMi™ and BrandWars™, Rodriguez has leveraged his 25 years of marketing leadership experience to help his clients grow. Brand Igniter doesn’t want to only solve already existing problems, but help companies prevent future ones. Whether that’s preparing organizations to work with public relations companies or teaching them how to turn a 100-page marketing plan into four, this is where Rodriguez provides value.

“You need to be both unique and relevant. Stop only differentiating yourself and look broader and to see why you’re relevant.” -Peter Rodriguez

Rodriguez was an entrepreneur from the start. While in university, he ran his own advertising agency to pay his tuition. But after finishing his MBA at one of the top schools in Mexico, he dived into the corporate world of media and advertising.

With a knack for leadership, he has led the marketing and sales teams of some of the biggest consumer-packaged goods and media companies in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. His achievements include a CASSIES award for his work on Benylin cough syrup and a Cannes award for his work on Halls cough drops.

Despite all this success, he decided to finally leave the corporate world in 2018 to start his own business.

“Brand Igniter has been on my mind for many years,” Rodriguez said. “There was a moment when I thought I needed to pivot out of the corporate world and help organizations on my own.”

But the over 25-years of marketing leadership has not gone to waste:

“I am one of those people who are fortunate to have training in marketing and advertising, and it has been a great a blessing,” Rodriguez said. “With all that knowledge, I saw a hole that I could fill in the market.”

The toughest part of being an entrepreneur for Rodriguez is reminding himself that he can do it. Reminding himself that he has both the entrepreneurial and corporate experience to make his company successful. In contrast, the most rewarding part is seeing the results he makes for his clients. When his clients outsmart their competitors by using his methodologies, that’s what puts a smile on Rodriguez’s face.

For the budding entrepreneurs out there, Rodriguez has a few pieces of advice:

“Most people think if they’re unique, then they’ll succeed. This is only half true,” he said. “You need to be both unique and relevant. Stop only differentiating yourself and look broader and to see why you’re relevant.”

“Find a target. Your target is not a demographic, business or neighbourhood. Instead, find what your target thinks and wants. What is on their mind? That is crucial.”

So what’s next for Rodriguez and Brand Igniter? Well, the potential for the growth of his company is huge. Aside from providing direct support to companies, Rodriguez hopes to make his methodologies available to as many people as possible, in as many formats as possible.