APOLLO Insurance has been providing small businesses with a convenient way to purchase affordable insurance online. The right insurance is crucial to protect you from client and third-party lawsuits, which could cost thousands or even millions of dollars.

But small businesses require other legal services that insurance doesn’t cover. For example, drafting a shareholders’ agreement, reviewing contracts, incorporating your business, or filing a trademark are all out-of-pocket business costs. You usually have to visit a corporate lawyer who charges expensive billable hours to complete these tasks.

Goodlawyer eliminates the traditional billable hour scheme. Goodlawyer is Canada’s leading legal services marketplace for small businesses. We’re currently partnering with them to offer the best rates for your legal needs — without the billable hours.

What does Goodlawyer do?

Goodlawyer connects your business to legal services similar to how APOLLO connects you to insurance — in a fast, affordable, and digital manner. This isn’t your grandpa’s neighbourhood law firm. Goodlawyer’s platform provides entrepreneurs with a network of business-minded lawyers ready to help you grow and safeguard your business.

Their lawyers are handpicked and interviewed by the Goodlawyer team. These legal professionals are experienced practitioners in areas such as corporate, employment, and intellectual property law. Prior clients can also rate their experience with a particular lawyer so that others can see the great work they’ve done.

Many of us understand how frustrating hourly billing can be. That’s why Goodlawyer provides upfront prices.

For example, Goodlawyer can provide

  • Contract reviews ($25 per page)
  • Incorporations ($540 plus the registration fee)
  • Employment contracts (starting at $480)
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy (bundled for $980)

If all you need is an answer to a legal question, Goodlawyer offers 15-minute legal sessions for only $39! But with APOLLO, you can claim your free legal advice session ($39 value) with promo code APOLLOFREE!

Why are these services necessary?

Prevent future legal disputes

Like insurance, a robust legal foundation for your business protects you from the worst-case scenario. A shareholders’ agreement can be expensive. You might think it’s not necessary when your business partner is your childhood best friend or brother-in-law. But if there are conflicts, a shareholders’ agreement can prevent thousands of dollars in litigation costs, battling over who owns what part of the company.

Ensure you understand what you’re signing

As a business owner, it’s vital to only sign contracts reviewed by a legal professional. Signing an agreement without such a review means agreeing to terms you don’t genuinely understand. This could create issues later on. So having a lawyer review the contracts and agreements you sign is vital to mitigating future risks.

Have your legal questions answered

Various legal questions can come about on a daily basis. For instance, you may consider:

  • Have you incorporated your business to protect your personal assets or allow new stakeholders to invest in your business?
  • Do you understand your contractual obligations to your customers and partners if your product or service damages someone?
  • Do your employment policies cover your new covid safety protocols?

You could scour the internet for the answer but how the law applies is bespoke to individual circumstances. What Google or Reddit says about a legal situation might not apply to your specific situation.Again, Goodlawyer can connect you with a lawyer to answer any and all of these questions in an affordable manner — no running to a fancy law office and being handed a $300 consultation bill. At Goodlawyer, a 15-minute legal session is only $39 (or FREE with promo code APOLLOFREE!).