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All your Kitchener insurance needs under one helmet.

Professional Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for white collar professionals like consultants.


Nonprofit Directors & Officers Insurance

Make sure your nonprofit’s board of directors is protected.


Health, Beauty
& Fitness Insurance

Liability insurance for individual trainers or fitness instructors.


Health, Beauty
& Fitness Insurance

Insurance for trainers and fitness instructors with a location.


Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect your business from internet-based risks.


Tenants Insurance

Renters insurance for contents and personal liability


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Group buying allows Apollo to keep prices low while offering quality insurance products. It’s how insurance was meant to work.

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To be a small business owner or entrepreneur takes courage, dedication, and a lot of hard work. We know that your small business is unique, and we’ve created insurance products that match your needs.

Built on a foundation of collaboration, Kitchener-Waterloo is renowned for their world-leading talent, innovation and diversity. Located approximately one hour from Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo is a key partner in the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor.

Sector Strengths

Information and Communications Technology

Waterloo is an ICT powerhouse, with the second highest start-up density per capita in the world and more than 30,000 professionals working in 1200+ technology related companies, from embedded security and artificial intelligence to quantum and nanotechnology.

Advanced Manufacturing

Waterloo offers a diverse advanced manufacturing sector, with expertise in the areas of robotics, automation, hardware and industry 4.0. In fact, the manufacturing sector accounts for almost 20% of all jobs in the Kitchener community. Manufacturers located in Waterloo benefit from the proximity to the U.S. market, access to 150 million people within a one-day drive and a state-of-the-art transportation and logistics infrastructure.


The first community in Canada to allow for autonomous vehicle testing, Waterloo is a leader in AutoTech and the automotive sector. Offering a collaborative ecosystem and access to research institutes such as WAVELab and the Centre for Smart Manufacturing – Waterloo is well positioned to support automotive innovation and competitiveness.

Food Processing

A strong and diverse food processing industry has emerged in Waterloo, with more than 100 food and beverage distributors and processors. The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is the third largest food manufacturing area in North America and largest in Canada.

Business and Financial Services

With more than 150 years experience, Waterloo has a strong and stable business and financial services industry. Waterloo is home to more than 15 internationally recognized business and financial services companies, including Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Manulife.

Whether your Kitchener-Waterloo business is small or large, or if you’re looking for personal insurance or event insurance, Apollo Insurance Solutions has you covered. We will get you the best insurance quote as quickly as possible, so you can get back to your work and your life in Kitchener-Waterloo.

What kinds of insurance do small businesses in Kitchener need?

There are several types of insurance every small business should have.

Professional Liability insurance

Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O), Professional Liability insurance will cover you and your business from claims of negligence, failing to properly render your professional services.

It covers you even if the claim is frivolous or you haven’t actually done anything wrong.

General Liability insurance

A Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy will cover the business against claims that someone was injured, or somebody’s property has been damaged. Regardless of whether or not the small business is at fault, it can be accused of negligence and sued for a variety of things, making this a critical coverage for any business.

Contents insurance

Every small business has property, whether that’s a single computer, warehouses full o stock and inventory, or an office full of valuable equipment.

Without contents insurance, the business would have to pay out of pocket to repair or replace damaged contents.

This could negatively impact your finances, and any delays could disrupt your business.

Nonprofit Directors & Officers insurance

Directors and Officers insurance protects against losses caused by negligence or honest mistakes made by your organization’s directors and officers. Not only will it cover any amounts you’re required to pay should you lose a lawsuit, the insurance company will even pay for your legal fees and court costs. This is important because even though your nonprofit may be run by a perfect leadership team, just the cost of defending a frivolous lawsuit can cripple your ability to operate.

What types of businesses in Kitchener qualify to buy commercial insurance online from Apollo?

There are over 250 types of small businesses that qualify to buy insurance online, with documents issued immediately. Find yours here.

There are over 250 types of
small businesses that qualify
to buy insurance online

Some businesses are inherently more risky than others. If your business is a reworks factory that has a paper storage facility attached, it might be a little more complicated. We can help you out, but we’ll have to get some smart people to take a second look to make sure you have the right coverage.