Insurance Coverage
for Small Business

Apollo provides a range of excellent small business insurance coverage packages for all industries.

Get a quote and buy insurance in less than five minutes with coverage starting as low as $5 per month.


Professional Liability

Liability insurance for white collar


Nonprofit D&O Insurance

Make sure your nonprofit’s board
of directors is protected.



Health, Beauty & Fitness Premises

Insurance for trainers and fitness instructors with a location.



Health, Beauty & Fitness Individuals

Insurance for individual trainers and fitness instructors.



Why does a small business need insurance?

It is exciting starting a small business, Apollo is a small business too!

When Apollo started we rented an odd basement space with some whiteboards and desks to get the company going. After a few months things were going great. But then there was a big rainstorm (Vancouver has lots of rain) and the sewer backed up in the unit next to ours. There was an inch of water on the floor and it flowed into the shared wall and under our flooring. Of course this is a smell, and of the 20 hours in a day when we’re running the business we didn’t exactly have much time for sewer backups. We’re IN the insurance business and we still dreaded the process we were going to have to go through. But you know what, it wasn’t bad at all. Here is what happened: Insurance sent a plumber, restoration folks, then a cleaning company, then a carpenter, then a painter. In a few days we had a new wall and the fresh smell of paint. We don’t usually get too excited about a new wall but this wall was gorgeous (and didn’t smell like sewer). So why does your small business need insurance? Sometimes you need a new wall.

Everything you do as a
business carries some
degree of risk

The challenge with a small business is that any lawsuit or insurance disaster could cause significant troubles to your company focus. Everything you do as a business carries some degree of risk, whether its ordering professional services, setting up a photo shoot, or you have an office with shiny new computers. These risks can show themselves in lawsuits, accusations of wrongdoing, errors, or omissions, slips and falls in your store, or the more traditional thing we always think of – an inch of water on the floor.

What types of businesses qualify to buy insurance online from Apollo?

Over 270 types of small businesses qualify to buy insurance online, and have their documents issued immediately. If you have questions let us know, if not just get your insurance done for the next 365 days. Sometimes your business is too complex for buying online, like a reworks factory with a paper storage facility upstairs. We can help you with your insurance too, we just get some really smart folks involved and they get you set up for your unique risks.

Here are some examples of businesses that qualify for online purchase:

  • Accountants
  • Nonprofits
  • Consultants
  • Photographers
  • Management Consultants
  • … and many more

What kind of small business insurance does Apollo offer?

Apollo provides customized small business packages which combine insurance products from some of the best small business insurance providers in Canada. As a broker we aren’t limited to only o ering insurance from one company (like the direct insurance providers), instead we can shop around and figure out what we like best, then make insurance products. Like steak and potatoes, two different farms but a really good dinner.

We offer Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Contents & Equipment, Cyber Liability, Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability, and Equipment Breakdown insurance all in pre-designed packages which you can customize for your small business.