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What is the best kind of insurance for photographers?

What is the best kind of insurance for photographers

Photography can be a great career for artistically-minded people who have an eye for aesthetic quality. But it also means a lot of expensive equipment in a fast-paced environment, where the stakes can be very high. There is also the possibility that something could go wrong, and a client could claim that you are responsible.

If you use your camera and photography equipment to make money, that means it’s commercial gear, and won’t be covered by your home insurance policy. This article covers what risks are common to photographers, and how insurance for photographers can help alleviate those risks.


Common risks that photographers face

Here are some of the more common risks that photographers face on a daily basis:

  • Claims that someone was injured or their property was damaged as a result of their work
  • Claims that their professional service resulted in financial loss
  • Damage or loss of their equipment
  • Cyber breaches exposing sensitive data or client information

How insurance can help

There are insurance policies photographers can get that address each of these risks.

Commercial General Liability policy will respond when a photography business or its owner is sued because someone was injured or somebody’s property was damaged. It doesn’t matter if the claim is true, the policy will cover legal expenses and any award granted.

Professional Liability insurance — also known as Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O) — is usually triggered when a photographer is accused of failing to properly render professional services, or that they were acting negligently.

Contents insurance is designed to protect the photographer’s equipment. That can include cameras, tripods, computers, and anything else the photographer or videographer uses to do their job. It kicks in when any of that equipment is damaged in a flood, fire, or other insured peril, or if it is stolen.

Cyber Liability insurance covers a photographer from cyber threats, such as a data breach or ransomware.

Apollo Insurance offers an easy, online application specifically designed for photographers and videographers to buy liability, commercial general liability, and contents insurance.

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