December 3, 2018 Cory Marr

Media Professionals

Professional liability insurance covers your media business if you’re sued for performing professional services, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Get a quote and buy online in under five minutes. Insurance for media professionals starts as low as $18.15/month with Apollo Insurance. 

The media industry is incredibly diverse, with careers ranging from editors to brand consultants. All of these media professionals face risks every day in the course of their work, and insurance is the most effective, efficient way to mitigate some of those risks.

Depending on what kind of media career you have, the risks you face will vary. That’s why Apollo Insurance has a tailored insurance application that allows you to choose your specific media profession and buy insurance online.

What kinds of media professionals need insurance?

Here is a list of every type of media professional we provide insurance coverage to. If you don’t see your specific industry class in the list, get in touch with us, or select ‘other’ when filling out the application and we’ll be sure to get you the right kind of coverage.

  • Advertising Services
  • Brand Consultants
  • Copy Writers
  • Corporate Identity Consultants
  • Editors
  • Event Organizers and Planners
  • Graphic Designers
  • Market Researchers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Media Buyers
  • Public Relations Consultants
  • Promotions Services
  • Website Designers
  • Website Marketing
  • Web & Graphic Design

How is insurance priced for media professionals?

The cost of your insurance depends on many factors which are addressed in the application. These can include revenue, limits of insurance selected, deductible selected, size of your media business and claims history. Get a quote and see the price in just a few minutes.

What does cyber liability insurance cover for a media professional?

Cyber liability insurance can cover a variety of risks depending on the specific policy chosen. Generally it will cover professional fees to discover the nature of the loss, be it a hacker or another breach, and can also in some cases include notification expenses to formally notify all individuals whose data was compromised.