December 3, 2018 Cory Marr

Management Professionals

Professional liability insurance covers your management business if you’re sued for performing professional services, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Get a quote and buy online in under five minutes. Insurance for management professionals starts as low as $18.15/month with Apollo Insurance. 

Managers lead, oversee, plan, control, administer, and staff organizations of many management disciplines. And although jobs in the management professional industry can be extremely varied, they all have one thing in common: they all face risks that insurance can mitigate.

Depending on what your management business does, it may have different types of exposures, or risks, than others. That’s why Apollo Insurance offers a unique online buying experience, tailor made for the industry class that you’re in.

What kind of insurance do management professionals need?

There are a number of insurance products that any professional should consider.

Commercial General Liability policy will respond when a business or its owner is sued because someone was injured or somebody’s property was damaged. It doesn’t matter if the claim is true, the policy will cover legal expenses and any award granted.

Professional Liability insurance — also known as Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O) — is usually triggered when a business or business owner is accused of failing to properly render professional services, or that they were acting negligently.

A lawsuit, regardless of
fault, can be costly to

Contents insurance is designed to protect the business’ equipment. That can include computers, stock, equipment and anything else the business and employees use to do their job. It kicks in when any of that equipment is damaged in a flood, fire, or other insured peril, or if it is stolen.

Cyber Liability insurance covers a photographer from cyber threats, such as a data breach or ransomware.

All coverage summaries are for reference information only, please consult actual policy wording for specific coverage afforded. 

How is insurance priced for management professionals?

The cost of your insurance depends on many factors which are addressed in the application. These can include revenue, limits of insurance selected, deductible selected, size of your business and claims history. See how much it costs in just a few minutes.

What does cyber liability insurance cover for a management professional?

Cyber liability insurance can cover a variety of risks depending on the specific policy chosen. Generally it will cover professional fees to discover the nature of the loss, be it a hacker or another breach, and can also in some cases include notification expenses to formally notify all individuals whose data was compromised.