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Not every landscaping project goes smoothly. What happens when an upset client sues your company resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs? If a client sues, liability insurance protects your business from legal fees and damage award costs. Get a free quote and buy liability insurance online in under five minutes with APOLLO Insurance.

landscaping insurance

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Beautiful landscaping projects can turn into legal disasters

Landscaping is a tough job. You’re improving the face of a property — its curb appeal. Whether you’re making a residential property shine or attracting clients and customers to a retail store, you’re ensuring your clients with your best work.

But what happens when a mistake occurs? Or what if a client perceives that you made an error? If issues arise, the right landscaping business insurance protects your company from client lawsuits.

Fussy clients might perceive you were negligent when something doesn’t go their way. For example, a project might take longer than anticipated due to reasonable factors. However, your client blames you and believes the delays resulted because you failed to provide the proper services.

These problems could result in a lawsuit, and whether you’re legally liable or not, you might have to fork over significant legal defence fees first. The right liability insurance can help. APOLLO insurance provides landscaping insurance plans that match your business needs. Best of all, we make your landscaping insurance costs affordable.

No matter the years of experience, your business remains at risk whenever you receive a new client. Errors or omissions are often out of your control.
Just imagine — a mix-up with your supplier leads you to receive the wrong materials. As a result, you need to reorder the client’s desired stone. This might delay the project by several days. If you’re working with a retail business, this could push back a grand opening and cause your client a financial loss.

The right liability insurance coverage protects you from such risks. This is why insurance is a fundamental part of your business strategy, as it reduces unforeseen problems in your operations.

Commonly Asked Questions About Landscaping Insurance

Although you’re getting your hands dirty most days, much of your role as a landscaping business owner involves company operations. You need to review finances, do legal work, and manage risks.

Your landscaping business is inherently risky because minor issues with clients can unfold into lawsuits that cost tens of thousands of dollars. The right liability insurance protects you from legal fees and prevents the financial fallout of your company.

Working with commercial clients requires you to have insurance — some residential homeowners may also ask whether you’re insured. The fact you have the proper liability insurance means your clients are safe if anything goes wrong. If property is damaged or negligence occurs, they understand they can claim your insurance for compensation.
The fact you prepared your insurance beforehand shows clients you’re a professional and that you’ve thought out your risks.

Many believe insurance only provides benefits when you need to claim it. But the right policy offers peace of mind daily — a valuable asset for any business owner.

You can rest easy knowing that a lawsuit won’t drain your company’s retained earnings or feel goosebumps every time an upset client says they’re going to call their lawyer. The proper insurance covers legal fees, damage awards, and settlement costs.

There are so many components to landscaping. Suppose a client asks you to plant shrubs, build a retaining wall, put in a drainage solution, and prepare a stone walkway. That’s a lot!
A minor issue with the drainage solution could potentially flood a home’s front or backyard, leaving your client with significant property damage. In this case, they may point fingers at you for negligently installing the drainage.
The right professional liability insurance covers your legal fees and damage awards. As a result, you don’t pay high costs out of pocket.
A client might also sue if you damage their property. Imagine that you or an employee accidentally scrapes your client’s car with a spade during a landscaping project. Alternatively, you might leave equipment lying around, and someone trips over it and injures themselves.
You could be liable to replacement or repair costs or medical expenses in both situations. Similar to professional liability insurance in negligence cases, general liability insurance protects your business in situations of bodily injury or property damage.
Landscapers have no shortage of equipment. You need specialized tools to go about your work. Specific tools may cost thousands of dollars, and properly protecting your equipment is vital. But what happens if someone robs your truck? Or even worse, your vehicle gets hijacked! You don’t want to pay for replacement costs out of pocket.
That’s why contents insurance is perfect for these situations. The right policy compensates you when you face the loss, destruction, damage, or theft of your business.

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