Electrician insurance

What happens if a fire occurs after you set up the electricals for a client's property? Could your business handle a potential lawsuit? Liability insurance pays for legal costs if your clients sue. Get a free quote for electrician insurance with APOLLO Insurance and buy online in under five minutes.

electrician insurance

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Electricians power homes and commercial properties but such valuable work can lead to lawsuits

Every home, store, office, and restaurant needs the proper electrical components to get lights, computers, water heaters, and other devices to work. The right electricals are essential. Installing wires and other parts is a difficult task, sometimes life-threatening.
If mistakes occur, it could result in power outages, fires, and other perils. These incidents might lead to a lawsuit against your business. The right electrician insurance provides compensation if a client or other party sues you — even if the problem wasn’t actually your fault. APOLLO insurance provides customized business insurance plans for your electrician business. Our network of trusted Canadian insurers makes electrician insurance costs affordable.

During your work process, not everything is in your control. Suppose vermin on your client’s property chew through wires and cords. This damage results in a fire. If your client doesn’t realize the issue was due to hungry mice, they might assume the electrical fire was your fault and sue you for damage and repair costs. In this case, you’re still responsible for finding money to pay for your initial legal defence.

The right liability insurance protects you from legal fees and damage awards. A liability policy means your insurer, not your business, handles the situation. So, your company won’t be left in a financial fallout.

Commonly Asked Questions About Electrician Insurance

Your job is much more than installing circuit breakers and ensuring high-voltage devices don’t overload the system. You’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, and an owner-operator. You need to consider hiring employees and contractors, taxes, and how to manage your business risks.
You face issues like a lack of business leads, competition, and the threat of legal claims. As a business owner, you have to take the necessary steps to mitigate as many risks as possible. This includes buying the proper insurance to pay for potential legal lawsuits.
Your company might also work with commercial businesses. Corporate clients often mandate you have insurance. Your insurance policy means the client can claim compensation if something goes wrong. Having this insurance already prepared shows professionalism and tells your clients that you’re ready for worst-case scenarios — you don’t wear rose-coloured glasses and assume problems won’t arise.
It’s common for electricians to assume electrical contractor insurance only provides a benefit when you claim it. However, it benefits you every day by providing peace of mind. You know if a minor mistake results in a major issue, your insurance covers the financial fallout. So, you’re not tossing and turning in bed, paranoid of what a lawsuit might mean to your company.

Suppose you’re finishing up a basement apartment for a client’s residential home. You need to install pot lights, enough power to fuel a full kitchen, and prepare outlets that can handle a future tenant’s entertainment system. This is complex work but nothing unfamiliar to you.
The slightest mishap might mean an electrical fire or overloading your client’s entire electrical system. As a result, you could be liable to compensate them for any losses or damages they face.
Also, suppose you’re working on installing a power outlet. Your tools are spread out all around you. Your client might come to give you a bottle of water and accidentally trip on your toolbox. This could result in bodily injuries, making you liable for medical costs and other damages.
Your tools and equipment are critical to your business. Imagine someone breaks into your workshop and steals your valuable and expensive belongings. In this instance, you need to replace everything vital to your daily operations. This could cost thousands of dollars.
The right insurance can ultimately cover you in all three of these situations.

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