Concert Insurance

Concerts are a fantastic time. But things can go wrong, leaving concert planners to face multiple lawsuits. These lawsuits can cost thousands out of pocket. APOLLO Insurance mitigates your concert planning risks. Get a quote and buy online in under five minutes.

Both large and small concerts require protection from risks

Whether it’s Drake or a local rock band, you want protection from worst-case scenarios. As the concert planner, you’re financially and legally responsible for your guest when something goes wrong. A stadium or venue filled with hundreds or thousands of people can easily create unfortunate circumstances where someone is hurt or property is damaged. A reliable insurance policy can prepare you for the worst and pay legal fees and damages if something goes wrong. APOLLO Insurance is here to provide peace of mind in the form of customized insurance plans that fit your business needs. 

You need to be aware of the risks associated with a concert. Especially with alcohol present, fights could break out or someone could trip and fall, which leads to financial liability for a guest’s bodily injuries or property damage. Without the proper insurance, you’ll have to pay legal fees and medical costs yourself.

Even if you plan your concert with every detail in mind, there are variables you can’t control. A rowdy group could cause a stir or sudden lousy weather circumstances can change the entire situation. Insurance creates adequate protection for your business so you can prepare for the unpredictable.

Why do concerts need insurance?

Attendees may pay a lot for tickets to your concert. As a result, they expect a fantastic experience. Everything from audio to lighting to staging must be perfect. So, if something fails during the concert, attendees may feel disappointed and want financial compensation for their time and money. This could mean a considerable expense for your business. 

Concert venues often require the concert planners to have the right insurance policies in place. Without the right policies, a concert venue may not work for you. So, to get the concert hall, you may need to negotiate with the venue on how much insurance to buy. In these negotiations, you’ll need to consider the number of estimated attendees, the type of concert, and other details. 

Some by-laws also require general liability insurance depending on your province and city when your concert serves alcohol or reaches a particular population. General liability insurance mitigates some of the risks related to inebriated attendees or large crowds because attendees can sue if they’re injured and expect an insurance company to compensate them.

What risks do I have as a concert planner?

Hosting a concert is no easy task. It requires significant planning, monetary investment, and organization. If people are paying to attend your event, there are expectations that must be met. If not met, guests may feel that your advertising and promotion were misleading and sue your business. Lawsuits from dozens of attendees mean plenty of legal fees, regardless of whether you were in the wrong. Without insurance, your company could head for financial ruin. 

Concerts always have the potential for things to go wrong. Fans could stampede towards the main act and trip or trample over someone. Or, drunk concertgoers could get into a fight. In both situations, bodily injuries are foreseeable and may lead to a lawsuit. You can’t prepare for every one of these situations, so the right general liability insurance can prepare for the financial fallout.

Your concert may also face disasters such as a fire or flood, or attendees may steal expensive equipment. Replacements can be costly, but insurance can provide the money to purchase similar items. This ultimately mitigates the risks that you need to replace equipment yourself.