Car Detailer Insurance

Car detailing is a precise and intricate craft. From performing inspections to thoroughly cleaning a car, you’re expected to provide excellent service, but if something were to go wrong, you’d want to be covered. Starting as low as $18.15/month, APOLLO Insurance is here to provide you with safe and reliable coverage.

Regardless of skill, even experienced car detailers require insurance.

Your customers have sought after your services to rejuvenate their car, and in your profession, you’re expected to deliver the results they want. Yet even though you may be a trained professional who follows directions, that does not guarantee you won’t make a mistake. Whether you accidentally scratch a customer’s car or fail to meet their expectations, we at APOLLO know you’ll want to be covered in every situation. So get protection today with a customizable insurance plan that will be suitable for your needs.

As a car detailer, there are inherent risks associated with the day-to-day functions of your business. To provide your service, you are required to use harmful chemicals, powerful machinery, and heat, all of which pose several risks to you, your client and potentially your workplace. Though you would never purposely ruin a client’s vehicle, there is still potential that you scratch, over wax, or use the wrong type of cleaner. In these kinds of situations, if a customer felt that the damages you caused were drastic enough, then they may have probable cause to sue. However, if you were to possess a professional liability insurance policy, you wouldn’t have to worry about the potential costs of legal fees or being found guilty.

Whether you’re an independent car detailer or you own your own company, you’ll want to ensure every aspect of your business is financially secure. Without adequate coverage, you automatically put yourself at risk. That is why you should look into obtaining a solid insurance plan today, so you won’t have to face monetary consequences later.

Why do car detailers need insurance?

Today, the service car detailers provide is one that many deem a “luxury,” and clients will expect them to live up to this standard. Although the needs of every client may vary, a car detailer will always be responsible for fulfilling their client’s expectations and providing financial compensation if an accident were to occur. Given this, without any protection, they may end up having to pay a large sum, which in turn, will pose a financial risk to their business.

Typically, when operating a car detailing business, most places of residence require one to possess forms of both general liability insurance and contents insurance. These policies will permit the business to legally work and ensure that they’ll receive financial coverage for day-to-day risks and unexpected events.

Since a car detailer deals with other people’s property, it may also be wise to obtain professional liability insurance. In doing so, this would protect them from high costs if ever sued for any errors or omissions that a client may allege to have occurred because of their service. Though a mistake wasn’t intentional, a client may still feel obliged to be compensated for damages, and if found guilty without adequate coverage, they’ll have to pay out of pocket.

What types of risks do I face as a car detailer?

Although you are a trained professional in the services you provide, that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t make a mistake. If this were to occur, and a client was to allege you damaged their property or failed to execute a service properly, then they may feel entitled to seek legal action or to receive financial compensation. Regardless of fault, you will be required to pay costly fees, and without a solid insurance policy, this could be detrimental to you and your business.

There are certain health and safety protocols you must abide by as a car detailer to work. However, even if you were to take all the necessary precautions, there is still a chance that an accident can happen in your workplace. Whether you accidentally burn yourself with chemicals or slip, trip, and fall on a wet or waxy floor, you will be financially responsible for the medical payments in every situation, regardless of the circumstances. Though, if you were to obtain some form of insurance coverage, you would never have to worry about these associated costs ever again.

Like most businesses, yours will also be susceptible to unforeseen events. From stolen equipment to unexpected flooding, you’ll always want to ensure that you’re protected. The extreme damages and losses that can occur because of these incidents are costly, and if not paid on time, you could potentially risk losing your business entirely. In this scenario, without the support of a good insurance policy, you may never be able to recover financially to provide your services again fully.