Bingo Hall Insurance

General liability insurance covers your bingo hall if you’re sued due to visitors or third parties receiving injuries on your premises. Get a quote and buy insurance online in under five minutes. Get general liability insurance for bingo halls with APOLLO Insurance.

Bingo halls offer a fun time but owners carry risks with each visitor

Bingo halls are a fan favorite with the opportunity to win big prizes. But having so many people come in and out of your venue creates risks for you as the owner. Bingo-ers can trip or slip, leading to severe bodily injuries. APOLLO Insurance offers customized small business insurance to fit your bingo hall business’ needs.

No matter how careful you and your staff are, there’s always the potential for injuries at any venue. A minor mishap can result in a visitor facing bodily harm or property damage. This can turn into a lawsuit against your business. Regardless of whether the suit is justified or not, legal fees can pile up, and your bingo hall may not be able to withstand such a financial catastrophe. A general liability insurance policy absorbs costs related to these types of lawsuits, so your bingo hall doesn’t have to. 

Insurance is a must-have for any business. It provides peace of mind that a lawsuit won’t drown your business in debt. Additionally, it helps you mitigate worst-case scenarios, so your attention isn’t swayed in another direction. You can then focus on providing the best time to everyone at bingo night.

Why do bingo halls need insurance?

Bingo halls face risks because of all the people coming in and out of their venue every day. Large bingo sessions could involve hundreds of participants! Hosting so many people at your venue creates risks and requires insurance. 

Because landlords often understand these risks, they may ask you to have insurance as part of your lease agreement. This protects the landlord in case someone tries to sue them for any injuries incurred on the premises. So while insurance may be an option to some, it’s commonly mandatory for bingo halls. 

If your bingo hall serves alcohol, it substantially increases the risks you face. Alcohol can result in attendees misstepping and tripping over themselves or getting into fights. Each of these scenarios can result in a lawsuit against your business because it occurred on your premises. The right insurance plan can ensure you don’t face the financial fallout of litigation.

What types of risks does my bingo hall business face?

As a bingo hall, you provide an excellent time for people of all ages. But it can get so busy you don’t know what’s what. If someone trips over a TV cord, it could mean serious injuries for the visitor and damage to your TV. In this situation, the right insurance plan could cover the cost of a lawsuit resulting from the injury and replace your TV. 

Your bingo hall is also exposed to the possibility of burglaries, fires, bad weather, and more. If there’s an electrical spark that starts a fire at your premises, it could mean the loss of all your business’ furniture, machines, TVs, computers, etcetera. The right insurance policy can provide enough capital to purchase replacements, so you won’t have to worry about buying new equipment out of pocket. 

If a visitor feels your bingo hall didn’t live up to your advertised services, visitors may sue for negligence or poor performance. For example, if someone thinks that the advertised odds of winning were misleading, this could mean a lawsuit. Even if you did nothing wrong and the person was just unlucky, you’re still liable for any legal defense fees in this lawsuit.